Product integrity is more vital than ever. We are experts in authenticity.

Unconventional approaches for tackling dupes and building brands

Unconventional approaches for tackling dupes and building brands.

Audio-Technica case study

Audio-Technica: Staying one step ahead of counterfeiters to stabilize a global business.

Character licensors are expanding into new categories

Character licensors are expanding into new consumer categories.

Product companies are used to reinvention. But shifting attitudes and technologies are placing fresh demands and accelerating change. For many brands, transcending the bounds of their product origins is already a reality.

OpSec tackles a range of common priorities and challenges across product brands. We understand where best practices, in areas like online brand protection and traceability, offer benefits to customers. But we also recognize that every sector, from consumer to industrial, from luxury to toys, has its own character and requirements. So we offer a range of options that make our solutions as unique as each of our customers.

Online Protection for Brands

Online Protection for Brands

OpSec tackles online counterfeit selling and brand abuse. Find out how we tackle overlapping threats to products and brand identities with our multi-threat response.

Tech facility

Licensing and Merchandising for Brands

OpSec connects product brands with followers. Learn more about how we streamline licensing programs, add appeal to merchandising, and protect program integrity.

Manufacturing process

Supply Chain Integrity for Industrial

OpSec brings security and transparency to supply chains. Discover how our digital solutions and physical features add functionality and assurance to complex operations.

Fashion Technology for Apparel

Fashion Technology for Apparel

OpSec enhances and protects clothing and accessories. Learn more about our comprehensive portfolio of brand enhancement components and authentication features.


Authentication for Consumer Brands

OpSec protects luxury goods and consumer products. Find out how we safeguard product integrity and authenticity without compromising brand aesthetics and perception.

Technology is nothing without a sense of context and characteristics.

Many of our customers face similar challenges to their brands, whether in consumer goods or the industrial sector. But they clearly have different characteristics and needs that must be reflected in the solutions, services, and components that we offer them. Whether it is creating covert authenticators for luxury goods or functional labels and traceability for automotive, we adapt our approach and our technologies accordingly. Our teams are drawn from multiple disciplines and our platforms create and protect value to help empower leading brands.

It helps to remember the brands that are at stake.

We count some of the world’s leading consumer and industrial product brands as our customers. From toys and luxury goods to home appliances and automotive, we work with several of the Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands across the sector. This offers insights that help us protect customers against common threats and counter emerging vulnerabilities. When it comes to product integrity, OpSec is on point.

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Bringing new perspectives on issues that matter

Bringing new perspectives on issues that matter.

Consumer and industrial product markets never cease to reinvent and reimagine. As some of the most revered brands in their sectors, our customers lead the way when it comes to innovating and staying relevant to consumers. At OpSec, we aim to bring new perspectives that help them capture value and navigate vulnerability. From the metaverse to sustainability, we bring insights that span diverse markets.

Working together to support the best loved brands.

The products and operations of consumer and industrial products brands span a wide range of categories and regions. Our teams are located around the world to support global production footprints and provide comprehensive responses to counterfeit and other threats facing brands. From product designers and analysts to integration engineers, we bring expertise and real world pragmatism to work.

Working together to support the best loved brands

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