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Combining a heritage in authentication with an aptitude for online

Product brands are more online than ever. Online selling and sentiment shape the fortunes of most sectors, but authenticity still relies upon trust and engagement around physical products. So we work across the lines.

OpSec brings together a portfolio of physical and digital platforms with a diverse array of skills. We count product designers, engineers, brand analysts, and investigators among our team, with experience of working across production and supply chain operations. We are just as familiar with the practicalities of print and production line integration as we are with the demands of monitoring online marketplaces globally.

Maximize Licensing and Engagement Marketing

Licensing and Engagement Marketing

OpSec provides the complete toolkit to maximize brand licensing programs. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and integrate consumer engagement with merchandise. Expand programs with confidence and capture royalties.

Manage Product Traceability and Compliance

Product Traceability and Compliance

OpSec enables full product traceability for greater control and transparency of products and components. Generate unique product identifiers and record and report supply chain events. Meet the needs of sustainability programs.

Protect Online Brand Identity and Reputation

Online Brand Identity and Reputation

OpSec offers a complete approach to protecting product brands online. Uncover and enforce against counterfeit sales, brand imitation, and parallel trade. Keep brand properties safe from unauthorized minting of NFTs.

Secure the Integrity and Identity of Products

Product Integrity and Identity

OpSec provides a complete portfolio of authentication components to secure consumer and industrial products and components. Add security that meets the functional and aesthetic demands of both brand and environment.

Enhance the Impact and Authenticity of Products

Product Impact and Authenticity

OpSec offers multiple product enhancement components and specialist materials. Elevate products with specialist optical features and materials that bring bespoke impact, intrigue, and recognition to products and packaging.

Our thinking

Identity is becoming an integral part of products

Demands for greater transparency and traceability are coming from many angles, from government regulation, to commercial policies, and consumer pressures. So more and more products and components are now carrying unique identifiers.

Our traceability and compliance platform is designed to generate serialization codes, at very high volumes if required, and record supply chain events that allow reliable reporting. So you know where your product has come from and been.

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