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OpSec secures a trusted connection with your customers, while ensuring the authenticity of your products, services, and documents.

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Premiere brand and document security solutions provider guiding top-tier companies, associations, governments, and institutions around the world.

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OpSec offers the broadest array of brand and document security products on the market’s only complete lifecycle management platform.

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Our professionals are experienced at guiding each customer through the changing dynamics of their unique market.

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Four decades of innovation, developing solutions that fuse the physical and digital in ways that yield deep and actionable information.


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Finally, get a clear picture of the imposters that turn up when shoppers search your brand. Customize results to any location in the world. Take down more offenders in less time. This revolutionary, consumer-focused approach is changing the brand protection industry by attacking cybercrime where it matters most.

Within weeks we were delisting counterfeit items as well as educating sellers who had no idea they were infringing.

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Online brand protection combats the loss of revenue, reputation and customer trust that occurs when someone else exploits your brand. 

Advanced technology for anticounterfeiting, antipiracy and antifraud

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