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Our Impact

Applying insights and solutions to real world challenges

In an era where innovation is the norm and evolution is constant, product brands are navigating a shifting landscape. OpSec empowers brands with the solutions and insights needed to thrive in an ever-changing world.

OpSec’s impact transcends mere problem-solving; it’s about crafting holistic solutions that address the intricate challenges of licensing, counterfeit, traceability, and consumer engagement. Product companies rely on our insights to help maximize brand value while also mitigating vulnerabilities. Wherever their future dictates, we aim to provide the means and assurance to make their mark with confidence.

Industry Insights

Traceability solutions come of age: a journey through time and technology

From simple verification methods to sophisticated systems, traceability has undergone a transformation. Learn how brands can recognize the benefits to safeguard products and adapt to new market demands.

How are character licensors expanding into new categories?

Brand collaborations aren’t new, but they are becoming more creative. Explore the implications of character licensors venturing into new consumer categories and the rising complexity it brings.

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The choice of a new generation? Dupes, counterfeits, and building better brands

Unlike counterfeits, dupes do not reproduce protected trademarks, but their following amongst consumers and their impact on brand value is very real. Discover how conventional and more radical tactics can tackle dupes.

Why are brands adopting a mobile first approach to fraud and brand abuse?

As brands have raced to optimize the mobile customer experience, many have been left vulnerable to fraud and other criminality. Discover why a mobile-first mindset for brand protection is now a necessity not an option.

Case Studies

With explosive e-commerce growth, Audio-Technica was troubled by online counterfeit selling. They worked with OpSec to deploy brand protection countermeasures to stabilize their global online business environment.

Counterfeit baby care products pose health risks to families. Pigeon partnered with OpSec to deploy an online brand protection program to enforce against counterfeit nursing bottles and safeguard their brand.

Protecting brand integrity can be particularly complex in certain jurisdictions. OpSec helped luxury brand Furla to build a case against a persistent counterfeiting network in China and pursue successful legal action.