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For fashion and apparel brands, this season’s look is far from certain. As fast fashion vies with circularity for shopper loyalties and wallets, clothing products are changing fast.

The apparel industry has thrived in recent years. With post-pandemic restrictions eased, apparel brands enjoyed surging demand and global sales up 21%. Some brands flourished more than others. Fast fashion continues to prosper but not everyone can keep up and nor do they want to. 66% of consumers want to buy from sustainable brands. But they are also cynical of greenwashing, with 72% believing brands overstate their green claims.

Fast fashion has continued to prosper but not everyone can keep up and nor do they want to – 66% of consumers want to buy from sustainable brands.

Consumers are not alone in calling for action. The European Commission has mandated that textile products carry a Digital Product Passport, covering product origin, material composition, and repair information. The US is imposing conditions on cotton imports. But 85% of textiles still go to landfill and only 15% of producers have complete traceability of raw material sourcing. Initiatives such as Better Cotton are rallying industry players.

Brands are reconciling sustainability demands with the essentials of design appeal.

Green might be the new black, but consumer appeal is about more than just sustainability. Quality trim remains critical, while authentic features deter competitors and counterfeiters, with fakes still rampant. Reconciling these demands is now the norm. Garment accessories and merchandising must convey strong design values and be sustainable, while traceability and transparency rely upon functional components to carry identity data.

OpSec has an extensive portfolio for product enhancement, identity, and security.

  • Product identity and traceability.
    OpSec offers a wide range of traceability solutions for apparel. Unique identifiers (UIDs) provide a basis for supply chain traceability and monitoring of product origins. Our platform generates serialization codes that can be supplied on components, such as tear and sew labels, or integrated into production lines with direct-to-product print. We also incorporate RFID to carry data and comply with retailer programs.

  • Brand enhancement and apparel trim.
    From high-quality badges, fasteners, and decals, to hangtags and labels, we bring impact and finishing touches to apparel. Our Eco line uses recycled and sustainable materials and inks to enhance products without creating an impact on the environment. We personalize hangtags and labels with serialization, promotional and other data. These work in conjunction with our solutions for consumer engagement.

  • Product authentication and security.
    OpSec offers an unrivaled portfolio of security features to frustrate counterfeiters and enable simple authentication of garments. We create multi-layered security, including highly secure optical elements that are customizable to incorporate brand logos and other elements. These can be added to tear and sew labels, as well as packaging. We also integrate covert and forensic identifiers, such as security yarns and taggants.

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