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Content Protection for Video

Protect the premium in new release and live content with the solution from OpSec.

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On-Product Authentication and Enhancement

Add security and greater impact to technology products and packaging.

Most industries are used to adapting to change. But few face ongoing upheavals in quite the same way as media and technology. For brands in this sector, mastering uncertainty is an essential part of the playbook.

OpSec understands the challenges and threats leveled at this unique sector. But we also understand that living with these vulnerabilities, and thriving in spite of them, is all part of the digital landscape. So we focus our efforts on protecting content, products, brand identities, and reputations – taking some of the risks out of revolution. We also help brands monetize their unique properties and digital content.

Content Protection for Video

Content Protection for Video

OpSec offers comprehensive cover against pirates. Find out how we protect theatrical and TV releases and live events to preserve the premium of the greatest content.

Content protection for publishers

Content Protection for Publishers

OpSec tackles most forms of copyright infringement. Learn how we help the publishers of music, games, and books overcome an age-old problem in a digital age.

Online brand and fraud protection

Online Protection for Brands

OpSec safeguards brand identities and reputations online. Find out how our multi-threat response protects against persistent infringement, fraud, and counterfeit selling.

On-Product Authentication and Enhancement

Product Authentication and Enhancement

OpSec adds value to products and reduces vulnerability. Discover how our security features and specialty materials protect technology products against all forms of imitation.

Character Licensing

Licensing for Character Properties

OpSec is part of the scenery for leading licensors. Find out how our approach to licensing and merchandising brings superpowers to cherished character properties.

Countering threats to content requires acting on a global stage.

Media is now globalized, as streaming and audience demands have traversed borders. Must-see TV series or pop music bands are as likely to come from South Korea as from North America. Content rights now reach further than ever and properties have found new fans. Inevitably, this has also attracted unwanted attention, from media pirates and others that infringe on intellectual property. They also act globally, so our teams work around the world and around the clock to stop them. Because in this sector, imitation is definitely no form of flattery.

To do the best work, it helps to work with the best.

We are fortunate to count some of the world’s leading media, technology, and telecoms brands as our customers. In fact, we work with several of the Interbrand 100 Best Global Brands in the sector. As well as helping keep us at the top of our game, this also exposes us to some of the most exciting industry developments. So, for brands, content, and reputations that matter, OpSec is there for brands.

Media and Entertainment - our work
Ideas to help navigate uncertainty and opportunity

Ideas to help navigate uncertainty and opportunity.

The world’s leading media and technology brands are at the top for a reason. As innovators, they push the boundaries and create value, despite the vulnerabilities this exposes them to. At OpSec, we aim to bring new perspectives to help inform the important decisions that content and brand owners face. From technologies to threats, from industry issues to opportunities, we are recognized for our insights.

Working behind the scenes to make a difference.

The media and technology sectors are dynamic and demanding to work in. There are constant changes in the landscape as boundaries blur between sectors. But for us, working across multiple sectors and players builds the relationships that help expedite enforcement against bad actors. From platform relationship managers to digital researchers and analysts, our global team act on behalf of our customers.

Working behind the scenes to make a difference

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