Brands share similar objectives and face common threats, but differences matter.

Context matters. Product brands are clearly undermined by counterfeiting, media companies have content at risk of piracy. Sports brands often confront both. But the exact forms these take can often be quite different.

OpSec has developed distinct responses to the priorities and challenges faced by brands across industries. We understand that differences in business models, supply chains, consumers, and products demand a nuanced approach. So whether it is the reputational risks posed to utility and telecom companies by fraudsters, or the need to add subtle authenticators to luxury goods, we have the right answer for your industry.


Sports and Apparel

From sports apparel to media rights. We play with the best.

OpSec merchandise licensing

Authentic might just be a word, but it means something to genuine fans

OpSec works with the world’s leading sports leagues and sports teams to bring official licensed merchandise to life and connect with fans. We help streamline their complex licensing programs and stop fakes from ruining the fun. We are a dedicated partner of sports licensing.


How do you bring authenticity to the pinnacle of European club football?

TEAM Marketing is a full-service sports marketing agency that has served as a marketing partner to UEFA for over 30 years. Since 2021, OpSec has worked with TEAM Marketing to provide the brand authentication labels for official merchandise plus digital solutions.

OpSec sports and apparel team

Our team might not be up to much on the field, but we work very hard off it

We love pitches, fields, courts, tracks, and courses in equal measure. From professional sports to dedicated sports enthusiasts and followers, we are motivated by the unique role that sport plays in all of our lives. And we understand the value of keeping the experience real.


Media and Technology

From inspiring media to innovative technology. We help protect it.

OpSec piracy protection

Some call piracy the victimless crime, but we see a very different picture

Media piracy is destructive. It diverts revenues that are intended for the creators of premium content, it often results in a poor experience for audiences, and it can be a source of funds for serious criminals. OpSec tackles media piracy across multiple channels and formats.

Product Authentication and Enhancement

Technology is a target for fakes, but we protect intangible value and trust

Counterfeit harms consumer and industrial technology as well as components. Brands rely upon authenticity for revenues and reputations while enhancement offers a distinctive, premium edge. We help deter fakes and add authenticity and impact to genuine products.

OpSec media and technology team

We may not have actual rock stars, but we do seek to perform at our very best

When it comes to new releases, whether it be the latest TV show or device launch, we get the buzz. But for us, it usually means a call to action to protect the integrity of media content or products. So we work around the clock around the world to keep brands and content safe.


Consumer and Industrial

Product integrity is more vital than ever. We are experts in authenticity.

Unconventional approaches for tackling dupes and building brands.

The choice of a new generation? Dupes, counterfeits, and building better brands

Unlike counterfeits, dupes do not reproduce protected trademarks, but their following amongst consumers and their impact on brand value is very real. Discover how conventional and more radical tactics can tackle dupes.

OpSec counterfeit solutions

How do you stay one step ahead of counterfeiters in a global environment?

With e-commerce growth, Audio-Technica was troubled by online counterfeit selling. They worked with OpSec to deploy brand protection countermeasures to stabilize their global online business environment.

Character licensors expanding into new categories

How are character licensors expanding into new categories?

Brand collaborations aren’t new, but they are becoming more creative. Explore the implications of character licensors venturing into new consumer categories and the rising complexity it brings.


Regulated and Security

When security matters. We make the difference.

Digitized Compliance Programs

It takes some unique experience and solutions to work for governments

Controlled products have long been subject to indirect taxation programs. But new forms of certifications are bringing compliance to more product categories than ever, from timber to electronic devices. OpSec is one of the few providers to cover multiple forms of regulation.

Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda

How do you deliver more effective excise programs worldwide?

The global tax stamp market is complex, with stringent traceability and security requirements and evolving international initiatives. Imprensa Nacional-Casa da Moeda has partnered with OpSec for 20 years to protect over 10 billion excisable products.

OpSec's dedicated government solutions team

Our dedicated government solutions team works with governments globally

When you work on regulatory programs, it demands high levels of security and flexibility. We know the role that indirect taxation and other forms of regulation play in raising revenues and controlling harmful goods. So our team brings experience and a clear focus on results.