About OpSec

Authenticity and intellectual property matter, when intangible assets account for 90% of market value.

Our customers account for a significant proportion of the value of intangible assets that are represented by brand owners and content creators worldwide. Intellectual property matters.

Rarely do new opportunities come without risk. For the world’s leading brand owners, we recognize that growing while remaining authentic, that being bold in the face of uncertainty, is all part of being a recognized leader.

Many know us as a pioneer of brand protection. But when you work for the world’s top brands, you have to be a bit more than that. OpSec helps build and protect the value of brands and their intellectual property, wherever their futures dictate. We believe that successful, enduring brands make bold moves to maximize new opportunities and remain relevant to followers. But this often comes with uncertainty and creates new vulnerabilities. So we aim to provide brands with the means and assurance to make their mark with confidence, unifying the optimization, monetization, and protection of intellectual property and brands. We combine digital and physical technologies with skills that range from intellectual property management to design and engineering. So, when it comes to opportunity with security, OpSec is brand ready.

A word from our CEO, Dr Selva Selvaratnam

OpSec has evolved a long way from its origins in optical security and physical brand protection. Today, we help customers manage their full intellectual property and brand lifecycle, from the creation of new assets and identities, to monetization of properties and content, to protection against infringement and abuse. We work with some of the world’s leading brand owners and rights holders, which requires us to constantly challenge ourselves and innovate. The world of intangible value, intellectual property, and brands has never been more interesting or varied and we are evolving our own business quickly in response to this change and the shifting needs of our customers. It will be fascinating to see how the future shapes up.

Dr. Selva Selvaratnam

Our Locations

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Our Leadership Team

Selva Selvaratnam

Selva Selvaratnam

Chief Executive Officer

More than 35 years in the technology and security industry. Selva held positions at De La Rue, HID Global, and Assa Abloy, having started out as an entrepreneur.

Bev Dew

Bev Dew

Chief Financial Officer

Over 20 years in construction and business services industries, most recently with Kier Group plc. Bev has experience in M&A, transformation, and debt/equity markets.

Bill Birnie

Bill Birnie

Chief Revenue Officer

Extensive experience in cybersecurity, networking, and SaaS for enterprise and consumer markets. Bill has held positions with Comcast, Motorola, and Honeywell.

Peter Waker

Peter Waker

Chief Operations Officer

Held a variety of senior management roles in Fortune 500 and start-up companies, most recently as a Product Director at De La Rue and prior to that at Du Pont.

Mats Boström

Andrew Clint

Chief Commercial Officer

More than 20 years of senior leadership experience in global businesses. Most recently led the Authentication business at De La Rue.

Lisa Arrowsmith

Lisa Arrowsmith

Chief Product Officer

Responsible for best-in-class products and services and customer-centric design. Lisa previously held senior positions at Omdia and IHS Markit in the technology sector.

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Giles Walker

Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer

More than 25 years in strategy, corporate development, and marketing, primarily in security sectors. Previous positions span Accenture, BAE Systems, and a start-up.

Najaf Gillani

Najaf Gillani

Chief Technology Officer

Over 20 years experience leading global software engineering teams, working for eBay, Walmart, Macy’s, and Openwave. Najaf also started up multiple businesses.

Thomas Peistrup

Thomas Peistrup

General Counsel

More than 20 years of experience, including in-house legal teams and law firms. Most recently, Thomas was General Counsel at InStyler, a US consumer goods company.

Riya Sood

Riya Sood

Chief Human Resources Officer

Over 20 years of experience in leading HR transformation and change initiatives at Fortune 500 companies. Track record in M&A, integration, and people initiatives.

Kevin Fraser

Kevin Fraser

Chief Information Systems Officer

25 years in the IT industry, including 18 years in senior leadership and management roles in multiple industries. Most recently led software and projects at De La Rue.

Careers with OpSec

Make your own mark with careers at OpSec.

OpSec is a diverse global business that makes its mark every day working for some of the world’s leading brands. Our people span many disciplines, from intellectual property management professionals to optical scientists and software engineers to online analysts. We offer various employment opportunities across our business, enabling individuals to pursue fulfilling, interesting and rewarding career paths. Our company culture has been recognized with the Best Company Work-Life Balance 2023 award by Comparably. So why not join a global business that offers a range of options, where you are empowered to make a real difference…

Embracing the principles of responsible business.

The environmental impact of counterfeiting and poor quality fakes is perhaps not one of the best known implications of illicit production and unauthorized selling. But these products are manufactured and distributed outside of the increasingly stringent and responsible policies of genuine brand owners. As such, OpSec views its product authentication and traceability solutions as an important response to this issue. It goes without saying that we are fully committed to ensuring that our own products and practices embody the principles of responsible business.