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Bringing transparency, security, and compliance to product brands.

Supply chain resilience and transparency have never been under greater scrutiny. As such, product brands are embracing new responses to traceability and compliance.

In a world expecting responsiveness, resilience, cost effectiveness, and sustainability in equal measure, resolving competing demands is a balancing act. Product companies must adapt to new regulations and sentiment, most notably around transparency, resulting in changes to systems and operational footprints. Yet supply chains and markets remain globalized and worldwide distribution networks are the norm, even as local specifics remain.

Products and parts may not be suitable for certain markets, as in the case of some notable SUV models in the US, where airbags fail to meet national standards.

Extended supply chains and fragmented markets exacerbate gray market and counterfeit sales. The electronics industry loses $58 billion annually to trade diversion, and the unauthorized refurbishment and resale of parts is widespread in many sectors. Fake pesticides cost agrochemical companies over $5 billion per year and create health risks. 3D printing has made creating fake parts, from aviation spares to security seals, even easier.

Resolving multiple objectives and challenges requires an integrated approach.

Whether compliance, counterfeit, or diversion, an increasing range of solutions are available. These include functional components, such as RFID and NFC, anti-tamper devices and authenticators, and software systems to serialize and trace products. Components carry unique identifiers (UIDs), to help trace and report on product origins and movements. But to avoid complexity, solution elements must be reconciled and integrated flawlessly.

OpSec helps product brands tackle compliance obligations and vulnerabilities.

  • Gaining greater control of supply chains.
    OpSec offers a complete traceability solution. UIDs and event recording and reporting systems enable brands to gain oversight of supply chains, trace material origins, and enforce compliance. Serialized codes can be supplied on a range of labels, which can also include security components to authenticate as well as safeguard against tamper or harvesting. Labels can incorporate RFID for non-line of sight monitoring.

  • Supporting compliance obligations.
    The OpSec traceability and identity platform supports brands in their compliance efforts. UIDs can be linked to product and production site data for greater transparency and material traceability, as well as supporting sustainability programs. Supply chain event repositories and reporting provide assurances on product movements and trace product origins, helping tie products and components to production sites.

  • Fighting fakes and diversion.
    We offer a comprehensive range of physical and digital technologies to help brands tackle counterfeiting. Optical security measures and secure printed codes provide simple and effective authentication of genuine products and parts. Covert and forensic markers add further security. To fight counterfeits online, OpSec monitors critical marketplaces and channels globally, taking down listings for fake parts and products.

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