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Authentication for Consumer Brands

Protecting luxury and other brands against counterfeit and trade diversion.

Demand for luxury goods remains robust, as growth defies the uncertainties that undermine other markets. But the counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated.

Luxury goods are more accessible than ever. With 400 million consumers and counting, its success contradicts its inherent exclusivity. At $350 billion, personal luxury goods are a large part of a wider trillion dollar market. But while the names that dominate luxury include some of the oldest, most storied brands in the world, they are far from backward looking. Luxury is embracing new categories, to extend its reach and appeal into new areas.

Countering fakes without harming brand appeal and design can be tricky, but when 10% of cosmetics are estimated to be counterfeits, failure to is not an option.

Luxury is also making inroads into new digital worlds, but its historical heartlands still drive its revenues. The luxury cosmetics market is worth in excess of $45 billion and is set to top $75 billion in 2025. But the future value and relevance of luxury brands will be seen in convergence with adjacent categories, such as athleisure, as well as new geographies, as has long been the case. This presents new value and vulnerabilities for luxury.

Counterfeit luxury goods often harm reputation and trust as well as revenues.

When it comes to imitation, luxury has long been a victim of its own success, as brands lose around $30 billion to counterfeiters. Fake fashion can often contain toxic dyes, while counterfeit cosmetics may often use harmful chemicals. Sophisticated fakes are now using quality materials, 3D printing, and even genuine components. But conventional overt authentication measures are often seen as unsightly or misplaced on highly curated designs.

OpSec provides complete protection against counterfeit goods and trade diversion.

  • Discrete product authentication and traceability.
    Product authentication remains one of the most effective deterrents against fakes. Our portfolio spans discrete direct-to-product secure codes, covert markers, NFC, and other smart features. With luxury goods often spanning many product categories and licensees, our technologies can integrate into production lines, without disruption or the need for new machinery. This provides discrete, cost effective security, as well as a basis for gaining insights into distribution, when used in conjunction with our traceability platform.

  • Taking down online counterfeits.
    OpSec monitors thousands of websites, online marketplaces, social channels, and mobile apps to uncover counterfeit sellers and infringements. We take down sites that imitate legitimate sellers, delist search engine ads that redirect to counterfeits, and monitor app stores for infringing applications. Relationships with leading marketplaces, social media platforms, and law enforcement help expedite takedowns. Our online brand protection platform can also help detect unauthorized product selling and pricing.

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