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Online Protection for Brands

Safeguarding brand identities, reputations, and revenues online.

Online presence is a necessity for product brands. Consumers now research, purchase, and follow brands digitally, but brand identities and revenues are being put at risk.

Having an online presence is not optional. The value of e-commerce has topped $6 trillion and continues to grow rapidly. Marketplaces are effective storefronts for product companies and social media is a major influencer of consumers. But online accounts for more than 70% of all counterfeits sold, costing the clothing industry almost $28 billion a year alone. As customer acquisition costs rise, loyalty and retention have become priceless.

Counterfeiting has moved far beyond mere irritation – 28% of counterfeit and fraud relates to organized crime, with networks disappearing and reappearing frequently.

But bad actors target this trust for their own purposes, impersonating brands for gain. Digital channels also fragment distribution and fuel unauthorized product sales. Trade diversion costs product brands millions, with consumer electronics particularly hard hit. And the online world changes fast. Web3 and the metaverse beckon with new opportunities, but bad actors are minting non-fungible tokens (NFTs) even before brand owners.

Countering online threats to brands involves considerable complexity.

Counterfeiting has moved far beyond mere irritation and brand imitation and fraud are related threats that exploit trusted identities for gain. But while false associations are clear infringements, they do not cross legally into fraud. So brands need to tackle the distinctive detection and enforcement traits of both, while taking a joint approach to spot related threats. Marketplace monitoring can also help deal with unauthorized online selling.

OpSec offers a complete approach to protecting product brands online.

  • Tackling the scourge of counterfeiting.
    Online detection and takedown is the first line of defense. We monitor hundreds of marketplaces for infringements, from leading sites to regional sellers. We also monitor app stores for imitation storefronts and fake sales, takedown websites that imitate legitimate sellers, and delist search ads that divert to fake listings. We uncover networks of counterfeit accounts and use that analysis to inform evidence dossiers.

  • Fighting brand impersonation and fraud.
    Brand impersonation and fraud are similar but distinct aspects of online impersonation. We detect the misuse of trademarked assets, such as logos or copyrighted text, as well as domain registrations that might enable fraudulent attacks. Our platform includes an Early Warning System to identify precursors of fraud and detect potential threats early.

  • Acting against unauthorized online selling.
    Trade diversion and unauthorized pricing are key challenges for product brands. We identify legitimate goods that appear outside of agreed channels, to equip brands to enforce against unwanted behaviors. We also monitor online pricing, for transparency around vendors and partners that fail to comply with agreed commercial terms. Our investigative services teams conduct test purchases to trace gray market activity.

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