Technology is playing an ever greater role in brand building and protection.

Building and protecting valuable brands is rarely simple. From creating authenticity and resonating with consumers, to monetizing brands and content. Opportunities come with vulnerabilities to be overcome.

OpSec offers a unique range of technology platforms for brands. We help build and capture value, through licensing, marketing, and brand enhancement. We also protect brand identities, assets, and products against criminal and commercial threats. Perhaps most importantly, we connect the physical and the digital, offering brands a comprehensive approach to meeting their objectives and keeping them secure.

Maximize Licensing and Engagement Marketing

Licensing and Engagement Marketing

OpSec provides the complete toolkit to maximize global licensing programs. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and integrate consumer engagement with merchandise.

Manage Product Traceability and Compliance

Product Traceability and Compliance

OpSec enables full traceability to meet operational and regulatory demands. Generate unique product identities, record and report supply chain events, and gain insights.

Protect Online Brand Identity and Reputation

Online Brand Identity and Reputation

OpSec provides comprehensive online brand protection. Uncover and enforce on brand infringements, counterfeit and unauthorized selling, and phishing and vishing fraud.

Protect Digital Media Content Online

Digital Content Protection Online

OpSec protects TV and live event video, music, gaming, and published content from online piracy. Detect and takedown illegitimate streams and delist piracy links.

Secure the Integrity and Identity of Products

Product Integrity and Identity

OpSec provides a complete portfolio of authentication components. Add optical security, product coding, and taggants to product labels, hangtags, and packaging.

Enhance the Impact and Authenticity of Products

Product Impact and Authenticity

OpSec offers multiple product enhancement components and specialist materials. Elevate clothing and apparel with premium accessories and bring impact to merchandising.

Our thinking

Connecting the dots with Network Intelligence

Sophisticated online counterfeit sellers operate across multiple channels and accounts. They are organized and determined, reappearing even after multiple takedowns. So our online brand protection includes Network Intelligence.

This feature exposes hidden networks by collecting shared datapoints across bad actors and highlighting common account characteristics and threat signatures. It not only deals with the immediate threat, it can also help surface future risks.

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