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Adding distinctive security and impact to technology products and packaging.

Technology has become ever present. But ubiquity, along with the inherent intangible value in these products, has made technology a target for fakes and imitators.

The technology industry is truly monolithic. It makes up more than 10% of the US economy and is worth over $1.8 trillion globally. Beyond the familiar names from consumer electronics are major players in industrial and component sectors. Firms come and go and advance into competing territory. By any measure, it is tough to succeed. Some battle it out for fine margins, while others commit huge resources to stay ahead of rivals.

Estimates put the number of mobile phone fakes at nearly 20%, while in the US alone, counterfeit printer cartridges account for over $3 billion in lost revenues

Rewards at the top may be vast, but they rely upon constant innovation. Of course, intellectual property powers value in this industry. It might be the materials and finish of the product, or a carefully orchestrated unboxing experience. In more utilitarian sectors, such as industrial equipment and supplies, trusted brands often bring performance and functional benefits. It could also mean a safer product, which may ultimately prove critical.

Counterfeits are harming consumer and industrial technology as well as components.

With so much intangible value and trust at stake, technology brands rely upon authenticity for revenues and reputations. Counterfeiters prey on the sector, appropriating rewards of innovation and exploiting an imbalance of simple product forms over complex functions. Industrial electronics are also under threat, with the cost of fakes often more than just financial. Internet selling has fragmented distribution to compound the problem.

OpSec offers a comprehensive portfolio of authentication and enhancement features.

  • Adopting a layered approach to product security.
    Online brand protection helps tackle counterfeit sales at source, but our security components for products and packaging offer an effective second line of defense. To deter counterfeiters, we adopt a multi-layered approach to security. This combines overt measures, such as high resolution micro lithography, with other elements, such as variable micro text, copy resistant secure printed codes, frangible materials, and taggants.

  • Impactful overt authentication and enhancement.
    Overt authentication features provide a distinctive, intuitive way of assessing products, using highly secure optical effects that are eye-catching and extremely difficult to replicate. Visual effects, such as switching, rotation, or motion, can be described and followed easily, with designs ranging from bold and impactful to subtle and sophisticated. These can embody elements of brand identities, such as logos and colors.

  • Meeting the needs of global technology brands.
    When dealing with global operations, practicality is as important as security. So we work closely with brands to integrate into production lines without impact. By utilizing novel materials and effects, we can even enhance product designs, adding distinctiveness and perceived value. So, whether brands are seeking single feature authentication and enhancement or purely decorative elements, OpSec can meet the need.

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