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Tackling piracy for new release titles and the full media lifespan.

Video entertainment has undergone profound recent change. And while it’s clear that digital will continue to reinvent the rules, the threat of infringement remains a constant.

Internet access accelerated a media revolution. Fixed and mobile bandwidth improvements have transformed viewing habits. Covid-19 took that trend and, with millions staying home, kicked online video into a dominant media position. As online viewing became the norm, it established different expectations of convenience and personalization among audiences. Quality content is now not just in demand but on-demand. Globally.

39% of US streaming customers canceled a service, largely due to cost – while 36% of UK soccer fans illegally stream games each month, with cost cited as the primary reason

Yet even as explosive growth cooled and the battle for subscribers has intensified, more media and technology companies have been drawn into the over-the-top video sector, in particular streaming. Premium content is playing a defining role as providers seek to maintain gains in the face of increasing churn. Landmark TV series, direct to streaming films, and live sports, are among the most highly prized by audiences and broadcasters.

Content is also highly valued by pirates, who are adept at exploiting technology.

Pirates are adept at exploiting digital technologies to distribute, promote, and evade detection. Around 80% of pirated content is accessed via IPTV sites. For a single live sports event, OpSec detected over a thousand pirated streams within minutes of play starting. The propagation of paid streaming services makes IPTV sites highly attractive. However, content sharing can be a vital tool for media companies. So judicious action is required.

OpSec offers comprehensive cover against the pirating of TV and film content.

  • Protecting content across multiple channels.
    Defending against attacks on releases of new film and TV media, and throughout its extended lifespan, requires a flexible approach. It starts with cleaning up search results using delisting, monitoring known pirate sites, and enforcing aggressively against infringements. To tackle illegal IPTV websites, our analysts maintain monitoring and enforcement databases that underpin our best-in-class compliance rates.

  • Preserving the premium of live content.
    The scale of live event piracy is staggering. Live events are time limited and high-profile events, attracting multiple pirates mounting concurrent attacks. So speed is of the essence and operating at scale is essential. We monitor search engines and hundreds of known infringing sites, utilizing quickly escalating enforcement protocols that see most infringing streams removed promptly.

  • Taking an audience-centric approach to search delisting.
    Pirates thrive using search engines that are readily available to unwitting or curious users. It connects a criminal enterprise with a casual act for a consumer. We take a unique approach to put ourselves in their place, wherever they may be in the world, whatever their search experience. This audience-centric approach to delisting allows us to clean up search results effectively and suppress the accessibility of pirated content.

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