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Combining globally scalable technology platforms with industry insights

Media and technology brands represent a paradox. Sometimes they are the ones responsible for changing the game when it comes to content and communications, other times they are responding to rules set by others.

OpSec brings a unique combination of technologies and diverse skillsets. Our platforms provide global coverage and safeguarding of media content and brands, as well as distinctive authentication for technology products. We draw upon the skills and experience of analysts and engineers to tackle media piracy around the clock, as well as optical scientists that bring their own innovation to protect against fake goods.

Maximize Licensing and Engagement Marketing

Licensing and Engagement Marketing

OpSec provides the complete toolkit to maximize media property licensing programs. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and integrate fan engagement with merchandise. Ensure that time-critical licenses are ready for releases.

Manage Product Traceability and Compliance

Product Traceability and Compliance

OpSec enables product traceability for greater control of technology products. Generate unique product identifiers and record and report supply chain events. Help meet the increasingly complex demands of circularity programs.

Protect Online Brand Identity and Reputation

Online Brand Identity and Reputation

OpSec offers a complete approach to protecting media, technology, and telecoms brands online. Protect brand identities from imitation and tackle consumer fraud. Keep brand assets safe from unauthorized NFTs.

Protect Digital Media Content Online

Digital Content Protection Online

OpSec safeguards video, music, gaming, and published content from sophisticated media pirates. Detect and takedown infringing content across multiple channels. Make it harder for pirates to make the search results.

Secure the Integrity and Identity of Products

Product Integrity and Identity

OpSec provides a complete portfolio of authentication components to secure technology products and official merchandise. Add overt and covert security, while also enhancing the premium look and feel of products.

Enhance the Impact and Authenticity of Products

Product Impact and Authenticity

OpSec offers multiple product enhancement components and specialist materials. Elevate technology products with specialist optical features and materials that bring bespoke impact and intrigue to the latest digital consumer devices.

Protect Digital Media Content Online

Media pirates like the attention, so deny them it

When it comes to tackling media piracy, it helps to see things the way your audience does. Pirates are sophisticated and agile, they don’t wait around to be found. So knowing how individuals find them online is a good place to start.

Our advanced search delisting technology helps redirect audiences away from pirate sites and towards legitimate sources. It also helps rights owners understand trends around piracy and viewing behaviors. Putting them in a front-row seat.

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