Maximizing Licensing and Engagement Marketing

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Licensing offers brands opportunities to monetize and build their profile. But expanding licensing programs bring complexity and vulnerabilities as licenses multiply. Consumer expectations are also making engagement marketing and merchandising work harder.

The OpSec platform optimizes licensing programs by automating workflows, establishing controls, and providing insightful reporting. It has been proven in large-scale deployments across multiple licenses, licensees, and users. Licensors can maximize opportunities by managing licensing proposals, artwork approvals, royalty reconciliation, and licensee compliance in one place, as well as extending programs through direct-to-consumer marketing.

74% of consumers claim loyalty to one brand, but 66% of consumers want to buy from sustainable brands – and they expect greater transparency and authenticity.

Large-scale licensing programs bring complexity that cannot be managed using spreadsheets. In-demand brand properties are at risk from unauthorized or unplanned use of their identities and media, while the enduring value of licenses relies upon effective royalty management and licensee compliance. For brands using licensed products to build stronger consumer relationships, an integrated approach to product identity and marketing is required.

OpSec provides a comprehensive solution to optimize brand licensing programs.

Maximizing the value of licensed properties requires oversight and control. The OpSec platform covers the full lifecycle from onboarding licensees and signing new agreements to issuing unique digital product identities that enable product traceability, consumer engagement, and accurate invoicing. It also enables product-based content and promotions, which have become important marketing tools for building fan and brand loyalty.

Effective Coordination: The platform brings together licensors and licensees in a series of simple, streamlined workflows using role-based permissions. Practical tools enable mark-up of agreements and artwork submissions, which can include video. Unique identifiers associate products with licenses and can be applied to merchandise items, such as labels or hangtags. This allows physical units and royalties to be reconciled back to licenses.

Insightful Reporting: Automated and customizable reports enable licensors to closely monitor license and partner performance at an individual and aggregate level, offering valuable business intelligence. Licensors can identify underperformance or underreporting of royalties, instances of unauthorized selling, and gain insights into consumer behavior. Practical notifiers, such as late payment alerts, help ensure that value is maximized.

Engaging Marketing: Brands are increasingly looking to build direct relationships with consumers, who are equally interested in following their favorite brands online. Product-based calls to action, which are built on unique product identifiers and ignited by impactful features from our enhancement and security portfolios, provide an entry point for sharing key product information, personalized promotions, and sponsor links.

We help control all aspects of licensing by ensuring visibility and control of partners, products, and programs, and providing smart approval tools for proposals, contracts, and artwork.

OpSec has put the experience of working with leading licensors into the ongoing platform development. This has driven the addition of new functionality in areas such as trademark proof of use and contract mark-up. With our presence in supply chain traceability, product identity, and authentication, we also bring a wider appreciation of these areas, as well as practical experience of integrating unique identifiers into merchandising elements.

Dynamic licensing and marketing programs require an enterprise-grade solution.

  • Role-based permissions to ensure scalability and control.
    Streamlining workflows requires involvement from multiple internal teams and licensee organizations. This demands secure access and role-based permissions that restrict partners to their active programs and direct functional teams to their areas of responsibility, for example, artwork approvals or royalty reporting. With many hundreds of organizations using the OpSec platform, it offers proven enterprise scalability.

  • Personalized fan experiences that connect with products.
    Building an increasingly personalized consumer experience often starts by engaging with a product. The OpSec platform allows brands to create bespoke physical and digital promotions, present information on products, and incorporate features from sponsors and retail partners. We can integrate with external data, such as materials or origin, to build a product profile that addresses sustainability and other themes.

  • Integration of unique identifiers for greater insights.
    The generation of unique product identifiers opens up new possibilities for licensors. Supply chain events and product movements can be captured, providing traceability of products as they move through channels. This can help identify unauthorized product sales and compliance issues with partners. Unique codes can be added to products and packaging as simple numeric or QR codes or by using NFC or RFID.

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