Securing the Integrity and Identity of Products

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Product authentication remains at the forefront of the battle against counterfeit. But as traceability has become more important, product integrity and identity have become entwined, with security and functional components spanning physical and digital.

The OpSec platform offers a broad portfolio of authentication and product identity options for both brand owners and high-security applications. As a true solution integrator, we adapt optical security elements, digital coding, forensic markers, and functional components such as NFC or RFID to meet the needs of each customer and project. We can also apply these elements in a range of ways, from security labels to hot stamped foils.

Few categories are immune from counterfeiting – luxury brands alone lose around $30 billion to counterfeits and 10% of all premium beauty products are fake.

Resolving multiple security and functional objectives into a single label or other component takes design skill and technical judgment. Of course, cost is an important factor in influencing options, but brand aesthetics, the characteristics of materials, and vulnerability to counterfeit, are all equally critical. Just as important are the practical considerations around the integration of components into production lines and the security of supply.

OpSec brings a broad portfolio of components plus expert design integration.

Tackling counterfeit threats requires a multi-layered approach. The OpSec platform brings together design and security, from striking optical effects for authentication, to tamper evident labels, to digitally secured serialized codes. These go beyond anti-counterfeiting to enhance brands. By combining security, function, and aesthetic appeal, a broader range of elements can also be incorporated to strengthen product integrity and identity.

Overt Security: The use of a strong primary security feature delivers instant user recognition and authentication. But the increased availability and affordability of scan and print equipment demand ongoing innovation to stay ahead of counterfeiters. Our optical security features create attractive, eye-catching imagery and effects, which are very difficult to replicate or simulate by counterfeiters. They are also intuitive and simple for consumers and enforcement agents to identify and understand, making them practical for consumer and industrial goods.

Functional Components: Variable data, unique product identifiers, and secure printed codes can be combined with optical security features to augment security and functionality. The adoption of digital identities offers the potential to address multiple functions, such as product traceability and consumer engagement, while others are suited to professional enforcement users, such as customs, for added security and advanced authentication.

Application and Integration: Brands are increasingly searching for a solution that provides more than security, with design integration and sustainability high on the agenda. Multi-layered security that combines a selection of optical and print features across a tamper-evident label structure serves to strengthen counterfeit resistance and prevents label harvesting for reuse. Expert design and security integration also enhances brand identity.

Overt authentication provides distinctive and intuitive ways of verifying products, using highly secure optical effects that are eye-catching and very hard to replicate.

OpSec works closely with its technology partners to continuously evolve the platform and stay a step ahead of the counterfeiters. This has driven the development of new highly secure optical effects, such as color-switching surface relief and optical two-factor authentication, to add intuitive features and protect unique identifiers. With our presence in supply chain traceability and engagement marketing, we bring an appreciation of the wider role these features can play, as well as the practical experience of integrating unique identifiers into optical devices.

Advanced technologies work together to protect, personalize, and add function.

  • Proven and flexible optical technology for security and impact.
    Micro lithography is one the most adaptable forms of optical security available. It is seen in high-security banknotes and identity documents, as well as brand protection. Its striking visual effects, from depth and movement to abstract patterns, originate from optical design that precision engineers light via refractive micro structures. Ultra high-resolution imaging locks the designs securely into the feature itself. Micro lithography creates bright, eye-catching effects that are intuitive and intriguing for users to authenticate. Distinctive ‘always on’ effects can range from simple image or color switching to sophisticated effects.

  • Next generation secure digital printing.
    Secure digital printing blends multi-level security features with brand enhancement and personalization. This can be applied across labels and hangtags faster than conventional print and often more sustainably. Combining the benefits of digital and security print, the platform provides versatile printing on a single press for various applications. An advantage of secure digital print is variability and customization.

  • Multi-layered integration of security and function.
    Optical security features can be used flexibly in combination with other on-product features, including secure digital print and functional components. These options for hangtags and labels offer a wide variety of security and design options. Digital identities, such as a unique serialization code, 2D data matrix, QR code, or the integration of NFC or RFID technologies, can be integrated within woven and printed brand identity labels, hangtags, and packaging products, for a next generation approach to merchandising.

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