Enhancing the Impact and Authenticity of Products

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Exceptional consumer experiences start with distinctive products and packaging. While the fundamentals of recognition and appeal remain unchanged, the options available to brand owners to enhance products and add authenticity are wider than ever.

The OpSec platform offers brand enhancement with a difference. We work across clothing components and accessories, merchandising elements, and decorative foils, to elevate and augment products and packaging. As a recognized leader in brand protection, we can also incorporate security into many components in our portfolio, from security yarns for apparel badges, to optical security in foils. Design guides our approach and thinking.

55% of people are happy to pay more for sustainable products, but around 72% of consumers think that brands exaggerate their sustainability efforts or ‘greenwash’.

Reconciling aesthetic aspirations with brand guidelines, product characteristics, brand protection objectives, and affordability takes creativity as well as practical know-how. Knowledge of materials and application processes is a must, as is a sound understanding of customer and contract production and finishing processes. When adding a level of security to decorative features, flawlessly combining form and function will ultimately define success.

OpSec combines vertically integrated production with flexible sourcing options.

Maximizing brand impact and authenticity requires a multi-layered approach, which blends design creativity with security. The OpSec platform offers brand owners an extensive portfolio of components to enhance and authenticate apparel and products, combining clothing trim and accessories, hangtags, labels, and packaging. It offers embedded security and personalized product-based marketing, to help build brand trust and loyalty.

Clothing Components: The platform enhances and protects clothing and apparel with its portfolio of trim and accessories. Bespoke trims, badges, and fastenings provide a premium look and feel that is designed to enhance and strengthen brand identity and appeal. Security technologies can be added to these clothing components to aid authentication, ensuring that consumers and enforcement agents can recognize genuine products easily.

Merchandising and Packaging: For licensing programs and general merchandising, we offer a range of labels, hangtags, header cards, and garment holders. These unify brand presentation across product categories and licensees, as well as incorporating authentication features, such as optical effects, or product identity elements, such as QR codes. Bold effects and variable data can be incorporated seamlessly into label or hangtag designs, while image switching and movement effects make them ideal for brands seeking impact and character.

Unique Product Identifiers: Brands are increasingly looking to build direct relationships with consumers, who are equally interested in engaging with their favorite brands. Product-based calls to action, which are built on unique product identifiers and ignited by impactful features from our enhancement and security portfolios, provide an entry point for sharing key product information, personalized promotions, and sponsor links.

Quality trim and accessories remain critical for perceived value and creating brand character, while authentic features help deter both competitors and counterfeiters.

OpSec designers, product managers, and development engineers combine their know-how with experience of working with leading brands to continuously evolve the platform. This has driven the addition of new features and functionality on trim components, such as NFC integrated into embroidered badges. Recognizing that all brands now operate in a new normal when it comes to sustainability, the platform also addresses this need.

Advanced technologies that add distinctiveness, functionality, and interactivity.

  • Adding authentic, secure components to clothing.
    Taking an integrated approach to security and design, ultraviolet and infrared yarns are embroidered into woven badges. These badges not only enhance garments but provide distinctive authentication features to secure merchandise. Similarly, tongue labels can add product identity and security to footwear. Our range of labels can incorporate overt, covert, and forensic security features, as well as unique digital identifiers.

  • Creating visual impact and interest with materials.
    Combining micro lithography with world-class optical design, we blend design and origination techniques to create beautiful imagery across foils. We create effects that are impactful and embody brand character and offer consumers an intuitive way to authenticate products. Bright, eye-catching effects entice the end user, with simple image and color-switching features that allow easy identification of genuine goods.

  • Incorporating product identity and security into enhancement designs.
    Unique codes can be added easily to products and packaging in the form of simple numeric or QR codes, or by using NFC or RFID. These can be used in combination with an optical effect for added security and enhancement. Unique identifiers can be used for traceability and engagement marketing or verification of product authenticity. We can offer finished components or integrate our solutions into production lines.

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