Protecting Online Brand Identity and Reputation

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Brands have embraced online and its opportunities to reach and remain relevant with consumers. But this has brought new vulnerabilities to navigate, as identities, revenues, and reputations are put at risk, and responses are complicated by overlapping threats.

The OpSec platform operates across all critical channels globally, using advanced technologies to detect and enforce against multiple forms of online brand abuse. It protects against trademark and patent infringements, online counterfeit selling, unauthorized product sales, channel compliance issues, and fraudulent imitation. The platform offers brand owners an enterprise-scale approach to tackling real world threats and complications.

More than 1,000 marketplaces and 30 social media platforms are monitored every day, contributing to over 40 million potential infringements detected each year.

From impersonation of products and brands to misuse of intellectual property and outright fraud, these threats overlap but have their own signatures and legal remedies. So brand owners need a response and a platform that works across functions, objectives, and threats, taking a coordinated approach to keep brands safe. The OpSec platform provides coverage based on brand needs and characteristics and tackles complex threats online.

OpSec provides technology enabled protection against multiple online threats.

Countering online threats requires effective intelligence gathering and enforcement. The OpSec platform ingests data from multiple channels globally and incorporates advanced tools for efficient detection and enforcement. Tackling current threats and adjusting to new threat signatures requires close monitoring of emerging trends, so OpSec online analysts use our platform to inform future strategies and enact immediate takedowns.

Comprehensive Detection: The platform ingests and monitors feeds from all critical sources to cover both infringements and fraud. Global coverage extends to key marketplaces, mobile app stores, and social media channels, as well as millions of domains and URLs. We customize monitoring by industry and according to the characteristics and priorities of each brand, because detection is the first line of defense against online threats.

Optimized Enforcement: Automation plays an important role in expediting the takedown of fake goods and brand infringements. We use tools, including direct enforcement APIs and one-click email enforcement to enact takedowns quickly at scale. Rapid fraudcasting and mitigation response times are essential to limit risk exposure and protect consumers from fraudsters, and we also integrate our tools into IT security incident systems.

Insightful Reporting: Sustaining the effectiveness of the online response requires a clear view of evolving threats. Smart analysis of persistent threats, plus reporting that identifies trends and tracks progress, highlights emerging threats before they present an issue. For example, reports can track brand-specific risks in emerging platforms and identify legitimate sellers who are not in compliance with agreed commercial terms or pricing.

“OpSec has helped Furla take down online infringements, which allows our commercial team to maintain excellent customer relations all over the world.”

Lisa Crociani, Legal Counsel, Furla

OpSec brand analysts and investigators combine their extensive knowledge of our platform with the know-how to apply it to messy real-world problems. Our intelligence-led approach informs rapid takedowns as well as deeper investigations, gathers evidence, helps prepare prosecutions, and stops repeat offenders. Global scalability and coverage are essential to protect brands, and our platform extends around the world.

Protecting brands online requires a varied toolkit and innovative technologies.

  • Network Intelligence to detect sophisticated online adversaries.
    Sophisticated online adversaries operate across multiple channels and accounts. They are organized and determined, reappearing after multiple takedowns. Our platform includes a Network Intelligence feature that collects shared datapoints, exposing common account characteristics and threat signatures to identify hidden networks operating across multiple marketplaces and websites. It also helps surface future risks.

  • Early Warning System (EWS) to inform rapid responses to fraud.
    Fraud damages reputations and must be tackled before consumers are compromised. The Early Warning System at the heart of our platform provides daily reports on suspicious domain name registrations and SSL certificates that may be associated with a vulnerable brand. This is used to limit exposure to email and spear phishing attacks, but it also feeds our brand monitoring to expedite the detection of infringements.

  • Visual Artificial Intelligence (AI) to spot more forms of infringement.
    Infringements often manifest in online brand logos, trademarked text, and product imagery. Our platform uses Visual AI to focus on these visual aspects of branding and related media. By augmenting text-based detection, Visual AI is not restricted by channel, and also mitigates emerging threats. Visual AI organizes potential infringements by indicators found in the image for efficiency and enforcement at scale.

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