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Q&A: Everything you ever wanted to know about…Identity Assets

Explore the changing role of brand identity and why it is becoming such a complex intellectual property asset to protect. Hear from OpSec and Zacco experts on how to embrace opportunity and mitigate emerging threats.

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Why are brands adopting a mobile first approach to fraud and brand abuse?

As brands have raced to optimize the mobile customer experience, many have been left vulnerable to fraud and other criminality. Discover why a mobile-first mindset for brand protection is now a necessity not an option.

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Q&A: Everything you ever wanted to know about…Innovation Assets

Innovation is about more than just patents – it is the engine that drives creativity in an organization. Hear from OpSec and Zacco experts as they talk about why these intellectual property assets matter so much.

Case Studies

With illicit trade on the rise, governments are seeking to safeguard their citizens and revenue. OpSec worked with strategic integration partner SCOPSIS to deploy a traceability and authentication solution in Lebanon.

As with any iconic identity, the Football Association and its official products are targets for counterfeiters. The FA turned to OpSec to help safeguard their brand and the revenues associated with licensing and retail.

Fans that follow European club football expect quality and true authenticity from official merchandise. OpSec worked with TEAM Marketing to optimize workflows and add distinctive security to official UEFA products.

National sports associations face competing demands from fans, licensees, and stakeholders. The Scottish FA chose OpSec solutions to protect its official licensed merchandise and help preserve the fan experience.