During the 2024 IACC Annual Conference in May, OpSec gathered with over 600 consumer brands, government agencies, and IP professionals to discuss the latest solutions in the battle against counterfeiting. As the leading event dedicated to the world of brand protection, it was a great opportunity to network with brands and industry experts on the trends, challenges, and visions for the future of brand protection.

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OpSec tackles a range of common challenges for product brands. Learn more about our technology enabled solutions, how to build and protect the value of intellectual property and brands, and the OpSec imagined brands that can spark new ideas for your brand.

Many of the latest industry topics were on the agenda, such as brand protection across borders, the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), and the state of IP enforcement and consumer protection. At the event, our team of experts met with current and prospective clients to discuss how to tackle common priorities and challenges from counterfeit to diversion to fraud.

Stefanie Wood

Stefanie Wood  | Director of Product Management for Online Brand Protection

“It was great to connect with brands, government officials, online platforms and top IP professionals during the IACC Annual Meeting. The days were filled with opportunities for us to network, collaborate, and discuss new solutions in the fight against counterfeit, impersonation, and gray market threats.”

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Solutions for brand protection, product traceability, and enhancement

OpSec tackles a range of common challenges across product brands. We know that every sector has its own requirements and offer a range of options that make our solutions as unique as each of our customers.

Licensing and Merchandising for Sports

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We provide online brand protection to safeguard brand identities, reputations, and revenues online. Uncover and enforce on brand infringements, counterfeit and unauthorized selling, and phishing and vishing fraud.

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Spark new ideas for your brand with concepts from Oryx, a trailblazer in outdoor apparel with a daring new venture. Although the brand is fictitious, the solutions can help inspire real-world sustainable growth.

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