Join us at the IACC Annual Conference in May, the leading event dedicated to the world of brand protection. Every year, the conference brings together over 400 consumer brands, government agencies, and IP professionals to discuss the latest solutions in the battle against counterfeiting.

OpSec provides a range of solutions to tackle common priorities and challenges across product brands. By bringing together industry solutions we help create and safeguard product authenticity and the integrity of distribution and supply chains. We instill recognition and trust in products, through enhancement and authentication, as well as taking down counterfeits and tackling unauthorized selling.

Visit our booth to find out more about our complete approach to protecting product brands online. From detection to takedown, we operate across all critical channels to identify online impersonation and act against unauthorized online selling.

Find out how we combine authenticity with enhancement in our latest Inspiring Concepts book. And learn how OpSec brings security and transparency to supply chains with OpSec Insight.

OpSec Members Attending

Lisa Arrowsmith

Jon Cline | Sales Director, Footwear and Apparel

Jon has worked for 15 years in the consumer products and sports industry, working with global sports, apparel and footwear brands to grow their revenues and engage their customers.

Lisa Arrowsmith

Stefanie Wood | Director of Product Management for Online Brand Protection

Stefanie is responsible for online brand identity and reputation protection at OpSec, with a passion for protecting IP online and deep expertise in dark web cybercriminal practices and IP misuse.

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