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Industry Insights

How are character licensors expanding into new categories?

Brand collaborations aren’t new, but they are becoming more creative. Explore the implications of character licensors venturing into new consumer categories and the rising complexity it brings.

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The choice of a new generation? Dupes, counterfeits, and building better brands

Unlike counterfeits, dupes do not reproduce protected trademarks, but their following amongst consumers and their impact on brand value is very real. Discover how conventional and more radical tactics can tackle dupes.

Why are brands adopting a mobile first approach to fraud and brand abuse?

As brands have raced to optimize the mobile customer experience, many have been left vulnerable to fraud and other criminality. Discover why a mobile-first mindset for brand protection is now a necessity not an option.

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Digital Assets

Digitalization has become a pervasive force that touches almost every aspect of intellectual property and brand identity. Hear from our experts as they explore the opportunities and issues this represents.

Identity Assets

Explore the changing role of brand identity and why it is becoming such a complex intellectual property asset to protect. Hear from OpSec and Zacco experts on how to embrace opportunity and mitigate emerging threats.

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Innovation Assets

Innovation is about more than just patents – it is the engine that drives creativity in an organization. Hear from OpSec and Zacco experts as they talk about why these intellectual property assets matter so much.

Imagined Brands

Elevating the brand: A journey to safe and secure summit gear

Spark new ideas for your brand with concepts from Oryx, a trailblazer in outdoor apparel with a daring new venture. Although the brand is fictitious, the solutions can help inspire real-world sustainable growth.

Scoring Big for Brands: an inspired approach to building fan loyalty

Explore the art of the possible with the Gulf Coast Pirates, a modern soccer franchise with ambitious growth plans. While the brand may be imagined by OpSec, the solutions address real-world challenges.