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Combining industry knowledge, diverse skills, and technology platforms

Sports brands play across many fields. Products, in the form of apparel and equipment, are increasingly led by high-performance design, but an online presence is also ever more important. So we play across positions.

OpSec combines a wide range of skillsets with diverse physical and digital technologies. We count product designers, software engineers, online analysts, and investigators among our team, with many having spent much of their careers focused on the sports and apparel sector. With our platforms, which span licensing management to product enhancement and online protection, we also have a unique technology portfolio.

Maximize Licensing and Engagement Marketing

Licensing and Engagement Marketing

OpSec provides the complete toolkit to maximize sports licensing programs. Streamline workflows, gain insights, and integrate fan engagement with merchandise. Manage multiple licensees and gain control of complex programs.

Manage Product Traceability and Compliance

Product Traceability and Compliance

OpSec enables full product traceability for greater control over sports apparel. Generate unique product identifiers and record and report supply chain events. Help meet the increasingly complex demands of sustainability programs.

Protect Online Brand Identity and Reputation

Online Brand Identity and Reputation

OpSec offers a complete approach to protecting sports brands online. Uncover and enforce against counterfeit sales, unauthorized merchandise, and parallel trade. Keep brand assets safe from unauthorized minting of NFTs.

Protect Digital Media Content Online

Digital Content Protection Online

OpSec protects live sporting event coverage plus clips and highlights on-demand. Detect and takedown illegitimate streams when it matters most, during game time. Redirect fans towards legitimate content and away from pirates.

Secure the Integrity and Identity of Products

Product Integrity and Identity

OpSec provides a complete portfolio of authentication components to secure sports apparel and footwear and official merchandise. Add overt and covert security, while also enhancing the premium look and feel of products.

Enhance the Impact and Authenticity of Products

Product Impact and Authenticity

OpSec offers multiple product enhancement components and specialist materials. Elevate clothing and apparel with premium accessories and bring impact to merchandising. Unify licensed products across categories and licensees.

Licensing and Merchandising for Sports

Take us out to the ball game, whatever your sport

No one forgets how it feels to pull on the official shirt of their team for the very first time. It is in the authentic details and the premium finish of the badges and decals. Official replica apparel is also becoming ever more performance driven.

Our product authentication and enhancement portfolios provide sports clubs and apparel partners with the finishing touches for official merchandise. We have been doing this for a while, but we never forget the impact of that first shirt feeling.

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