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Total management, enhancement, and protection for sports licensors.

Fans never forget their first replica shirt. Authentic products are immersive, connecting them to their teams, bringing heroes to life, and enduring long beyond the final whistle.

Followers now come from around the world, and this international fan base is driving greater demand for merchandise as fans seek to connect with their favorite sports, clubs, and heroes. Modern sports consumers are also no different from any others in expecting new standards from their merchandise and fan experience, from sustainability to connected experiences, and from performance product features to premium packaging.

Attracting the right licensees, protecting their rights, and keeping a close eye on program performance are essential to building enduring partnerships and value.

Meeting their needs is demanding, but the rewards can be enormous, with valuable customer relationships that last. This means licensing programs that are brilliantly conceived and executed, respecting both the sports brand and its fans. Attracting the right licensees and protecting their rights are also essential to building enduring partnerships and value, while reporting of royalties and performance safeguards revenues and optimizes value.

New opportunities create complexities that are challenging to overcome.

Sports brands have more channels than ever to engage with fans and multiple new ways to monetize properties. Intricate programs can no longer be left to spreadsheets. Multiple categories, licensees, and global distribution can fragment brand identity and fan engagement, while online selling can open the door wider to counterfeit selling. Merchandise is also no longer confined to physical products, with NFTs playing an increasing role.

OpSec offers a complete lifecycle solution for sports licensors.

  • Maximizing value and efficiencies in programs.
    Spreadsheets are no way to run valuable licensing programs, with sports properties often spanning hundreds of licensees, categories, and channels. Keeping track of programs, proposals, artwork approvals, royalties, and channel compliance is a challenge. OpSec offers a fully featured digital licensing platform to streamline licensing workflows and manage the complete lifecycle, from proposals to royalties.

  • Engaging fans to build lasting relationships.
    Fans rarely struggle to identify their favorite teams. But premium hangtags, apparel trim, and packaging can elevate the fan experience, unify categories, and frustrate counterfeiters, adding a distinctive edge to genuine merchandise. The OpSec brand enhancement portfolio spans a range of premium merchandising options and features to add product authenticity and carry calls to action for fan engagement programs.

  • Protecting the integrity of products and programs.
    Valuable properties and dedicated fans are prime targets for counterfeiters. Tackling this threat requires a multi-layered response, starting with cutting out online sales of fakes. OpSec scans millions of websites, marketplaces, and social media platforms globally to takedown fakes, brand imitation, and unauthorized NFTs. Our diverse portfolio of security features allows simple authentication of genuine merchandise.

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