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Protecting Vehicle Identity

Proven solutions to address vehicle identity and registration fraud.

Vehicle administration spans multiple policy objectives. Enforcement relies in turn upon the identification of vehicles and drivers. But fraud puts safety and tax revenues at risk.

Traceability and authentication are essential for the effective regulation of vehicles. From road tax and emissions to safety, access, and parking, vehicle administration programs rely upon accountability and an ability to identify and associate vehicles and individuals. But vehicle crime and the incentive to avoid taxes or regulations can lead to systemic fraud or opportunistic evasion. From 2019 to 2022, vehicle theft itself was up 59% in 30 US cities.

The International Association of Police Chiefs (IACP) estimates that 97% of car thieves are charged with additional crimes.

Vehicle theft is often associated with other crimes, but fraudulent registration can also allow criminals to clone vehicle identity and evade detection. Temporary vehicle tags offer convenience when purchasing vehicles, but can be vulnerable to counterfeit. The American Association of Motor Vehicles (AAMVA) has adopted standards for temporary licensing to deter fraud, and security measures can also counter attempts to evade other controls.

Combatting counterfeit and fraud requires a multi-layered approach to security.

Whether it be handwritten temporary vehicle tags or windshield decals lacking physical security, conventional approaches are prone to cloning, replication, and fraud. More secure solutions incorporate authentication and anti-tamper devices, as well as unique identifiers (UIDs) and secure software systems to serialize and enable traceability. These offer simple visual confirmation to authorities, as well as insights to aid investigations.

OpSec helps the administrators of vehicle programs to identify and deter vehicle fraud.

  • Countering motor vehicle registration fraud.
    By combining optical features with readability and durability, even temporary license plates can retain their integrity and resilience. OpSec has pioneered SecureETag as an integrated print-on-demand solution that allows vehicle dealerships, state offices, and motor vehicle agencies to produce temporary license plates that link vehicles to operators. The real-time information system is simple for state DMV agencies to deploy.

  • Enabling secure vehicle identification.
    We offer a comprehensive range of physical and digital technologies to ensure the integrity of windshield decals. Optical security features and anti-tamper devices deter replication or reuse and allow simple visual authentication, while covert and forensic markers add further security. Unique digital identifiers, including serial numbers and random codes, enable mobile verification as well as identification and traceability.

  • Protecting permanent license plates.
    For vehicle registration and identification, our hot stamp optical foils are used to safeguard vehicle license plates from counterfeit and cloning. Designed to provide optimal adhesion to the retro-reflective substrate that is used for vehicle registration plates, our foil is highly durable and resistant to environmental effects. Intended for patch application, the optical foil is compliant with the relevant ISO759 industry standard.

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