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Protecting the Financial Sector

Safeguarding financial institutions and consumers from fraud and impersonation.

Purchasing behavior has evolved and convenience often comes above price. But fraud and impersonation threaten consumer confidence and trust is more precious than ever.

Around half of consumers value convenience over price or cost savings. In addition, 90% reference convenience within payment as a major influence on spending decisions. With the explosive growth in online commerce and a premium on frictionless transactions, payment cards and online payment services offer the flexibility for where and how purchases are made. In fact, payment cards alone now account for over half of retail transactions.

Card fraud costs over $30 billion annually, with 54% of financial institutions and 46% of FinTech companies encountering counterfeit documents in 2022.

However, as consumers embrace convenience and online transactions, they become exposed to a wider range of threats. Attacks against the financial sector represented around 28% of all phishing scams in 2022 and 65% of transaction card holders have experienced credit card fraud. Protecting consumer confidence, minimizing risks to financial institutions, and protecting the integrity of iconic payment brands requires a multifaceted response.

Resolving multiple challenges requires a multi-layered approach to security.

Credit card cloning may continue to rise, but protecting the physical card itself from counterfeiting remains critical. For many card issuers, a secure and distinctive optical security feature is a long-standing anti-counterfeit component and is often the only brand marque visible on a card. For determined online fraudsters that imitate trusted financial brands, sophisticated digital detection and swift enforcement responses are equally essential.

OpSec helps financial brands tackle the dual threats of counterfeiting and fraud.

  • A trusted partner to card issuers and producers.
    As an approved supplier to all major card issuers, OpSec offers security foils for high-speed application to PVC and PETg cards. Available in gold, silver, or colored variants, foils are supplied as patches and meet high standards of abrasion resistance and brightness. They can be fully metalized or high-resolution de-metalized to enhance security and expand design possibilities. With our proprietary micro lithography, we create optical effects that are very difficult to simulate and add distinctiveness to brand identities. Our engineers can assist on site with machine set up to ensure efficient application runs for card production.

  • Tackling persistent fraudulent impersonation.
    For financial institutions and online payment services, online fraud is a persistent threat that can damage consumer confidence, undermine online services, and harm brand reputation. Our anti-fraud technology flags threats early and uses automated shutdown tools for swift enforcement. We counter phishing (email), vishing (voice), and smishing (short message) based scams. Since speed is vital when tackling persistent fraud, we operate our Security Operations Center on a 24/7 basis, assessing over 50 million URLs daily.

  • Combatting brand imitation online.
    We discover brand impersonation across a wide range of channels to detect brand imitation and misuse. From websites to social media, we monitor for misappropriation of brand identity and assets, identifying infringing adverts and domains that could likely be used for imitation. Our proprietary Early Warning System detects infringing domain or security certificate registrations to flag potential threats early.

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