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Combining a heritage in authentication technology with secure digital platforms

Regulation and security rely upon a wider range of capabilities than ever before. Digital platforms are inevitably playing a more leading role, but physical security features continue to play an important part in assuring trust.

OpSec combines advanced optical technologies with scalable and secure traceability systems. Our production facilities are certified and audited to the levels required by governments and the most demanding brands, while our software is designed to deliver the resilience dictated by high-volume production lines and enforcement operations. We draw upon the expertise of optical and software engineers and solution architects.

Product Traceability and Compliance

Product Traceability and Compliance

OpSec offers an enterprise scale traceability platform that underpins excise programs and provides the reporting and insights required to tackle illicit trade. Generate unique identifiers and add to tax stamps or direct-to-product.

Secure the Integrity and Identity of Products

Product Identity and Integrity

OpSec provides a complete portfolio of authentication components to add assurance and trust to payment cards, tax stamps, and secure documents. Add overt and covert security, with serialization to enable tracing of products.

Protect Online Brand Identity and Reputation

Online Brand Identity and Reputation

OpSec enables an effective response to fraud scams and other forms of online brand imitation. Detect and enforce against phishing, vishing, and smishing attacks. Expand illicit trade responses with online monitoring services.

Protecting the Financial Sector

Familiarity and innovation combine to sustain trust

Transaction cards have established a dominant place in our purchasing behavior, with their simplicity and convenience. Even as new digital security has become adopted, such as chip and pin, the optical security features have remained.

For most leading payment networks, these carry a distinctive and familiar visual representation of their brand identity. But many consumers will be less aware of the innovation and evolution that lies behind the iconic logos on their cards.

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