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Bringing anti-counterfeit optical technologies to security print converters.

Optical foils remain a prominent core security component across high value documents and in authenticating products. But counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated.

From 300 plus denominations of banknotes to financial cards, driving licenses, and passports, optically variable devices (OVDs) remain a dominant form of authentication feature. ICAO, The International Civil Aviation Organization, even recommends an OVD to protect passport biodata pages. Secure optical foils are also widely adopted by brands to help consumers and authorities authenticate products and combat counterfeiting.

eCommerce exacerbates counterfeit, with UK ticket scams soaring by over 500% since March in 2022 as the world moves to digital ticketing.

Even as identification data, certificates, and tickets become increasingly digital, physical documents often retain an important role. These may themselves include digital methods of verification and basic validation, such as QR codes on tickets. But the risk of replication, fraud, unauthorized resale, and user confusion increases significantly without a strong optical security feature. In the UK alone, almost £7 million was lost to ticket fraud in 2022.

Counterfeiters exploit trust and access to commercially available technologies.

With a purely digital approach to verification and validation, authorities and brands can overlook the security and aesthetic benefits of OVDs. But with commercially available optical origination and production equipment itself becoming more advanced and affordable, those requiring high security must elevate the sophistication of their technologies and methods. Ultra-high resolution origination is one such option, as is layered security.

OpSec provides a reliable solution to security print converters worldwide.

  • Proven optical technology.
    OpSec offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical security features to frustrate counterfeiters and enable simple user authentication. Using secure micro lithography, we create attractive, eye-catching effects, which are very difficult to replicate. Specific visual elements, such as switching, rotational, or motion-based effects can be easily authenticated by consumers and enforcement authorities. These elements can be designed to embody national emblems and iconography, or brand characteristics such as logos, colors, or animations.

  • Multi-layered security.
    To deter imitators, we adopt a multi-layered approach to security, combining micro lithography with covert features. These can be originated into the optical design itself, or added separately to the foil, and include hidden features, micro text, and taggants. Secondary OVD verification tools are also available, for use with or without a smartphone. We can also add serialization and unique codes to OVDs to support product traceability and provide enhanced advanced authentication for professional enforcement users.

  • High-speed application.
    OpSec offers a wide range of security foils for high-speed application onto a variety of substrates. They can be supplied in wallpaper, registered patch, or continuous stripe form, with a range of adhesives for optimal performance on many substrates. Foils can be fully metalized or de-metalized at high resolution to add security and integrate more fluently into print designs. We work closely with customers to integrate into their production lines, with our team of engineers available to support with application trials.

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