Counterfeit industrial parts result in staggering repair and warranty costs in addition to the threat to public safety. 

From bolts to ball bearings, switches to springs, plugs to pressure valves, OpSec increases the integrity of your products and your brand.

Industrial Ball Bearings

500 Commercial airplanes possibly affected by falsified airplane parts in an FAA whistleblower investigation.

14.8 M Value, in US dollars, of automotive and aircraft parts seized in 2018 by U.S. Department of Homeland Security

According to NTSB data, unapproved aviation parts played a role in nearly two dozen crashes that killed seven and injured 18 others since 2010

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Trace InSight™

Company procurers are looking for the lowest possible price greatly increasing the risk of counterfeit parts and equipment to enter the supply chain. Reduce warranty and repair costs, not to mentioned brand erosion, by securing OEM equipment and aftermarket parts.

Trace InSight delivers enhanced transparency across each stage of your supply chain based on its unique identifier. With product declaration possible down to the SKU level, Trace InSight delivers real-time information on vendor inventory, shipment dates, authorized product movement and other declaration events for complete supply chain transparency.

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Industrial Clients

These are just a few of the brands that rely on OpSec every day.

Industrial Part Package

Track InSight & Trace InSight - Delivering Powerful Supply Chain Data

Learn how Track and Trace InSight deliver full supply chain transparency to identify grey market diversion and parallel trade as they occur and making it easy to authenticate legitimate goods in the market.


We are proud members of the following industry associations among several others.

AHAM – Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers 

IACC – International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition

INDICAM – Istituto di Centromarca per la lotta alla contraffazione