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London, GBR, August 26, 2021 – OpSec Security, the global leader in physical and digital anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, is today announcing the appointment of Stuart Chaffin to lead OpSec’s Investigative Services Group.

OpSec’s Investigative Services Group provides comprehensive investigative enforcement programs, from delivering evidentiary support for litigation to driving law enforcement intervention, working directly with clients’ Legal and Brand Enforcement Divisions to meet their brand protection and loss prevention goals. The group partners with customers to design and deliver clear and concise prosecution plans, evaluating and advising on current brand enforcement activities, undertaking marketplace sweeps, and maximizing supply chain logistical practices for OpSec’s customers.

A certified Criminal and Civil Investigator, Chaffin has a proven track record for security management, asset protection, investigation leadership, and law enforcement operations management, both nationally and internationally. He has built his career working in law enforcement, security, and investigative services for over 30 years, most recently as Operations Director for North America’s Investigative Solutions Network. Formerly leading Investigations and Brand Enforcement at luxury brand Luxottica, he developed and managed a global enforcement program, working with key governmental partners including the FBI, Homeland Security, Foreign Law Enforcement Agencies, and others to investigate brand enforcement and IP infringements. Further, Chaffin has served as a Cross-Designated Taskforce Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and is a certified Cyber Security professional. His extensive experience covers both online investigations and large-scale international on-the-ground enforcement activities.

“I’m thrilled to lead the development of OpSec’s professional investigation services. From the creation of evidence dossiers to enabling our customers to engage effectively with law enforcement agencies around the world, OpSec’s powerful investigative services programs empower our customers to expand on the other OpSec online and on-product protections we provide,” stated Chaffin. “This is important work that subverts the ongoing efforts of bad actors attempting to carry out nefarious activity on the brands we are entrusted to protect.”

Lisa Arrowsmith, Chief Product Officer, OpSec Security said, “Stuart’s vast law enforcement, security, and investigative experience continues to strengthen OpSec’s leadership position and deliver on our mission to continuously enhance the ability of our customers to protect their brands, products, services and, critically, their customers. His background is a perfect fit with our core values of customer-first focus and delivering exceptional value to our clients, and we are excited to have him lead our Investigative Services portfolio.”

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