For governments and brands with high security requirements, the integrity of documents and products is paramount. We work with many such customers, as well as our partners who play a vital role in delivering our solutions into the regulated and security sector.

As a trusted supplier to security printers, convertors, and system integrators around the world, we offer design services, security components, and software and deployment support to complement their own capabilities and regional market presence. In fact, partnership plays a central role in our regulated and security segments.

From discrete components and services to full lifecycle projects, our team of scientists, engineers, and integration specialists ensure that solutions are practical and cost-effective. Nowhere is this more evident than our foils and films product area, where we take on bespoke engagements as well as materials supply for critical contracts. But in some instances, speed of response and operational simplicity are more important than a bespoke approach.

Introducing the Agile portfolio of optical foils for simplicity and responsiveness

For this reason, we are introducing Agile, a range of versatile hot stamping foils supported by a rapid origination service. Comprising six variants, the foils are optimized for registered patch or continuous stripe application on a variety of substrates, with compatibility across many of the application machines used throughout the security print industry. Agile foils can be made available fully finished in a matter of weeks, in accordance with customer needs. They are available in a wide range of volumes, from a few hundred to several thousand square meters.

Our range of foils are suitable for tickets, certificates, tax stamps, store loyalty cards, membership cards, and vehicle decals, as well as many other applications where speed of turnaround is of the essence. OpSec has been providing foils to the security print and converting industry for around forty years, so we fully understand the requirements needed for successful application – as well as the characteristics of successful partnering.

High security applications require scalable and comprehensive solutions

Customers across regulated and security sectors, from government excise and vehicle administration agencies to financial institutions and global payments networks, also depend on the integrity of our scalable solutions. For example, for excise programs, we offer authentication features for tax stamps, direct-to-product print integration, and the traceability software required to serialize and report on product origins and movements.

But we go further. Our online monitoring services, more often associated with brand protection, can be deployed to identify illicit product sales online. Similarly, for global payments networks, we offer distinctive high security features for transaction cards, as well as online protection services to tackle brand imitation and fraud. With an ever more comprehensive approach to security, we offer compelling options for end customers and partners.

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