Responsibility is at the heart of all great brands.

OpSec is committed to continuously improving all aspects of sustainability, addressing our operations, products and services, as well as working with our partners, suppliers, and customers to make the supply chains that we operate in more sustainable.

Sustainability is as important to OpSec as it is to our customers. In a world where responsible business has become an inherent part of an authentic brand, we recognize that the bar has been set higher than ever for sustainability.

OpSec operates at the heart of global supply chains for some of the world’s most recognized brands. We understand that making and delivering on promises around sustainability and business ethics is one of the characteristics that sets brand leaders apart. As a committed leader in brand protection, we also recognize that responsible brands and genuine products uphold standards that are rarely found in counterfeited goods.



OpSec invests in new technologies and continuously works with customers to ensure its products are manufactured in more sustainable ways or use more sustainable materials. OpSec uses third party certification to ensure its continuous improvement efforts with regards to its environmental position is validated.



OpSec actively protects customers from counterfeiting, pirating and resulting illicit trade through a portfolio of products that enhance authentication of genuine items, make the detection of counterfeits easier and actively suppress and disrupt illicit trade. Counterfeits and pirates are produced outside of the normal channels of commerce with no regard for environmental or social impact.



With its unique position in the high security market, OpSec sets a high standard for business ethics and endorses several policies that promote more ethical business include a code of ethics, anti-bribery, information security and anti-corruption.



Through various policies including labor and human rights, whistleblowing, wellbeing, recruitment and prohibition of discrimination, OpSec promotes good working conditions for all its workers above and beyond legal obligations.

Supply chain

Supply Chain

OpSec expects its standards to permeate throughout the supply chains in which it operates and therefore expects its partners to subscribe to a code of business conduct that covers these sustainability topics.

Anti-counterfeit Mission

OpSec believes it is uniquely positioned to contribute towards sustainability by protecting brands against counterfeiting and subsequent illicit trade. Counterfeiting results in economic and social damages that works against our customers’ efforts on sustainability in several ways. OpSec’s brand protection strategies span across the physical and the digital, protecting genuine products against counterfeiting via physical authentication technology, allowing transparency of supply chains through real-time tracking of product, and protects brands and consumers against illicit trade and fraud on online marketplaces.

External Validation

OpSec has been a member of ECOVADIS since 2019 and has since achieved a silver rating on sustainability which means it is amongst the 82nd percentile of companies audited, on topics covering Labor and Human Rights, Environment, Ethics and Sustainable Procurement and remains committed to improve its position over the coming years. Furthermore, OpSec has achieved certification for quality management (ISO9001), environmental management (ISO14001), security printing (ISO14298) and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 and continues to roll out these systems across its sites with the aim to maintain and improve high standards of operation.


OpSec continuously works with its customers to design products that are more environmentally friendly and has invested in technology that allows it to offer products that have sustainable provenance or use materials that are recycled or cause less impact on the environment. Notably, OpSec has invested in a state-of-the-art secure HP Indigo printing press in 2021 that allows it to advance its brand protection and security products whilst reducing cost, waste and environmental impact.

OpSec has launched a code of business conduct with its suppliers to ensure it works with partners that share in its sustainability goals. The code covers topics across environment, labor and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

How OpSec Products Support Our Customers’ Sustainability Agenda

OpSec’s products actively complement our customers’ sustainability and circularity agendas by contributing to the pillars of sustainability. We have worked with fashion and apparel customers to develop high security labels that fit the brand’s recyclability programs and worked with automotive customers to support their remanufacturing programs. Furthermore, OpSec believes it is uniquely positioned to contribute towards this purpose as it protects brands against counterfeiting and resulting illicit trade.

OpSec has completed its materiality assessment for FY21/22 and has set up 17 sustainability KPIs which it now measures to enable setting of a baseline and targets over the coming years.