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Social media has transformed the way consumers and businesses conduct transactions online

The online environment has evolved dramatically in the last three decades, shaping the way we connect with people, the way we do business and especially the way we shop.

There are, however, some challenges; the most prevalent one being cybercrime. The online space has also made it easier for criminals to target consumers, sell counterfeit products, and take advantage of genuine brands.

63% of consumers don’t think enough is being done to protect them from counterfeiters, fraud and cybercrime

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Smart technology can strengthen your online defense strategy

Most cyber protection models fail to identify the source of an infringement problem prior to launching an anti-counterfeiting plan.

OpSec Online has taken a unique approach that mirrors your consumer’s online journey so you know what results show up when your brand name gets searched. By employing the latest in geo-targeting, visible listing searches, and marketplace monitoring – with results based on your customer’s location – you can take down offenders faster, and even in bulk. This means exponential recoveries of both revenues and your reputation.

As the Web has evolved, the cyber threats have multiplied

The online world is always evolving—with changing technology, emerging marketplaces and the Dark Web providing new opportunities for brand saboteurs. Whether hijacking search engines, squatting on branded domains or infiltrating social media, the modern fraudster uses coordinated, multi-channel tactics to cause tangible harm.

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You need a dedicated partner who will help you stay one step ahead

OpSec Online offers solutions for:

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Across all channels:

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Online brand protection combats revenue loss and preserves brand equity

An effective digital brand protection strategy allows you to recapture revenue, enjoy direct cost savings and safeguard your marketing investments.

Ensuring authentic brand experiences has the added benefit of solidifying brand reputation while reducing instances of online fraud and unauthorized channels.