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OpSec Online uses advanced technology and expertise to protect your brand

A smarter way to safeguard your enterprise

Finally, get a clear picture of the imposters that turn up when shoppers search your brand. Customize results to any location in the world. Take down more offenders in less time. The first of its kind, this revolutionary, consumer-focused approach is changing the brand protection industry by attacking cybercrime where it matters most.

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Comprehensive brand protection across all channels

OpSec Online is the only brand protection solution that spans all channels so your brands are protected no matter what digital venue the criminals target.

Industry-leading technology to identify high-value targets

Advanced data clustering allows you to identify cyber offenders causing the most damage to your brand, revenue, and reputation. With advanced technology and combined expertise, you can now connect intelligence across multiple channels for a 360-degree view of your highest-profile offenders – maximizing your impact and conserving your time and resources.

Bridging the online and offline with OpSec Online Test Purchase Service  

One of the challenges in the online world is that it is easy for fraudsters to hide their identity, making it harder for brand owners to detect who is behind their targeted brand abuse. Brand owners often feel helpless to proactively pursue brand infringers. OpSec Online’s Test Purchase Service offers brands the ability to conduct deeper research into the offenders and the nefarious networks causing the most damage to their brand.

In partnering with OpSec Online, brands are backed by industry-leading technology and an experienced and dedicated global support team empowering brand owners to gain actionable intelligence to help bridge their online and offline initiatives.

The OpSec Online Test Purchase Service adds an essential layer to an organization’s brand protection strategy by helping brands identify bad actors, research grey market supply chains, and gather physical evidence that can be used towards legal action. This provides brands with the ability to realize sustained results by focusing on the most egregious offenders causing the most damage to their brand, revenue, and reputation.