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Red Sift, a leading provider of vital cybersecurity products, and OpSec Security, the leading provider of integrated online protection and on-product authentication solutions for brands and governments, have formed a new partnership to deliver integrated domain and email security protections.

Under the partnership, customers benefit from an integrated solution of Red Sift’s Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance (DMARC) technology and OpSec’s industry-leading monitoring and takedown capabilities. Combined corporate protections include rapid identification and remediation of cybersecurity attacks, from employee spearphishing to the external use of customers’ brands for phishing attacks.

“This partnership is great news for our companies and our customers as we bring more complete solutions to the global security market,” said Chuck Swenberg, Senior Vice President of Strategy for Red Sift.

“OpSec Security can integrate data feeds from all DMARC providers, but Red Sift’s cutting-edge automated technology and service integrations enable a faster way to foil malicious domain impersonation. Acting together, OpSec and Red Sift keep customers and consumers safe, combining Red Sift’s advanced DMARC capabilities with OpSec’s industry-leading proprietary AI and machine learning-based services for phishing, vishing and smishing mitigation. OpSec’s dedicated Security Operations Center – on hand 24/7, 365 days a year – can now provide personalized threat assessments and takedowns on behalf of both OpSec and Red Sift customers,” said Lisa Arrowsmith, Chief Product Officer for OpSec.

The Red Sift purpose-built suite of cybersecurity solutions block outbound phishing attacks, analyze the security of inbound communication for company-wide email threats, and monitor and safeguard valuable customer data. OpSec Security, as the global leader in brand integrity, with top-tier authentication solutions secure enough for stringent government and high-security requirements, delivers an extensive protection model including threat intelligence for proactive employee and consumer protection, and an always-on dedicated global SOC team. OpSec and Red Sift clients can be confident in swift remedial action against the full range of external cyber attacks targeting our joint customers’ brands, employees and customers.

Red Sift is leading the way in BIMI deployments with a fully-integrated product and service offering for BIMI with VMC. Brands can manage their logo and obtain VMCs from Entrust through the Red Sift OnDMARC interface and get their emails DMARC-secured more quickly. Red Sift’s growth reflects the extremely high market demand for these products and demonstrates recognition of the company’s ability to build and deliver a world-class cybersecurity solution suite.

About Red Sift

Founded in 2015, Red Sift is a global cybersecurity company whose clients include organizations such as Domino’s, Telefonica, Pipedrive, Rentokil, Wise, and top global law firms. The Red Sift data analysis platform is purpose-built for the challenges of cybersecurity. Products on the Red Sift platform include OnDMARC and OnINBOX, SaaS applications that work together to close the net on the phishing problem by blocking outbound phishing attacks and analyzing the security of inbound communications for company-wide email threat intelligence. Find out more at http://www.redsift.com.

About OpSec

OpSec Security is the global market leader in securing and protecting brands. After decades of leadership in brand protection technology, OpSec grew to become the leading provider of fully integrated brand and document security, providing companies and governments with solutions to ensure brand quality, reputation, and integrity. OpSec is a leading innovator in online brand and digital content protection, offering our clients end-to-end safeguards against counterfeiting, piracy, and fraud. We continue to innovate, finding increasingly advanced ways to meet an ever-growing range of threats. As bad actors employ more sophisticated ways to damage your brand, we never stop getting better at protecting it. What is missing from your brand protection program? Find out more at http://www.opsecsecurity.com.

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