Crane NXT has announced it has completed its acquisition of OpSec Security. By combining our trusted technology solutions, the expanded capabilities will extend across the entire authentication value chain, creating a leading brand and product authentication platform and accelerating growth as we work together to secure, detect, and authenticate our customers’ most valuable assets. Tracing their history back 200 years, Crane NXT is a trusted partner to governments and leading global brands, and is an innovator and provider of unique authentication technologies.

OpSec Group Acquires Global Trim
Sports and Apparel

Sports and Apparel

Fans are the ultimate consumers. They are fiercely loyal, but equally demanding. For clubs, leagues, and apparel brands, sport is a lucrative license to tap intangible value.

Media and Entertainment

Media and Technology

No other industry changes as quickly. Its audiences and consumers shift habits and expectations, while boundaries are blurred and conventions are continually redefined.

Consumer and Industrial

Consumer and Industrial

Products may be essential or aspirational. Regardless of function, they are having to confront new expectations and demands, while remaining relevant to customers.

Regulated and Security

Regulated and Security

Compliance and controls are everywhere. Products are coming under regulation by governments, and commercial partners are imposing their own operational demands.

Tackling the challenges that matter to brands.

OpSec helps enterprises build and protect the value of their brands and intellectual property. We tackle threats from infringement, counterfeit, trade diversion, content piracy, and fraud, to protect brand assets, identity, and reputations. We also work in many areas of brand management and operations, from licensing, merchandising, and engagement marketing, to compliance and supply chain transparency. Across industries, we bring best practices and practical insights to our customers.

Athletic shoes

OpSec and Zacco: partnering to provide intellectual property solutions

Zacco Innovation Assets

Innovation Assets

Zacco helps optimize portfolios of innovation assets, with a diverse portfolio of services covering all aspects of managing valuable inventions, designs, creations, and knowledge. From identifying and protecting innovations to enhancing asset portfolios, Zacco combines traditional intellectual property expertise with diverse and deep insights into technology.

Zacco Digital Assets

Digital Assets

Zacco helps create the digital trust required to safeguard data and digital assets. By raising security levels and providing the assurance necessary when operating in complex technology environments, enterprises can innovate and manage sensitive information with confidence. From cyber threats to privacy and software security, Zacco Digital Trust has it covered.

Zacco Identity Assets

Identity Assets

Zacco helps manage and protect identity assets. Along with trademark and design protection, a growing range of digital assets are addressed, from domain names to secure DNS and SSL. Services include audit and strategy, asset registration and enforcement, and licensing negotiation, ensuring that valuable brand identities are managed in all their forms.

Bringing together a unique portfolio of technology platforms.

We recognize that the authenticity and integrity of most brands are built and sustained by many factors. Product brands have taken on greater cultural significance and rely as much on their aspirational value as their function. Providers of intangible value, in the form of media, technology, utilities, or financial services, depend upon trust in their services and reputation. OpSec uniquely combines physical and digital technologies, designed to build and protect the world’s most recognizable and valuable brands. We believe this offers brands a more connected approach that helps them reconcile objectives and address risks across their different activities and functions.