OpSec Partners with Blockpool to Develop Blockchain Security Applications

Press Release

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LANCASTER, Pa. — May 23, 2018 — OpSec Security, a leading global provider of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, has announced a partnership with Blockpool, a UK-based blockchain developer.  The relationship seeks to establish an integrated offer combining “chain-of-custody” with advanced digital product authentication solutions for global brand protection.

With its first product release in 2009, Blockpool quickly established itself as an expert in leveraging blockchain technologies into real world offers. Blockpool’s Application Programming Interface (API) is more flexible and user-friendly than other, more rigidly structured market offers. Blockpool’s expertise leverages decades of tech, marketing and music industry experience. 

Founded over three decades ago, OpSec has established itself as a market leader working with thousands of the world’s leading brands, government agencies, and security printers to provide comprehensive security solutions to combat growing counterfeiting business challenges.

“We’re in an age where counterfeiting exists in the everyday lives of consumers,” said Ben Stump, CTO of OpSec Security. “Adding blockchain technologies to our track/trace and consumer engagement platforms will provide an enhanced layer of security and confidence for both brands and consumers alike.”

OpSec will leverage its industry-leading product lifecycle platform, OpSec InSight™, to integrate with Blockpool’s “chain-of-custody” solutions. The result will empower brands to increase reporting precision and create new, unique consumer engagement opportunities utilizing advanced security tags and labels.

Kevin Bacon, Blockpool CEO, said, “Blockchain technologies can be leveraged to provide greater supply chain visibility and combat the distribution of counterfeit products, especially over the internet.  Brands want to ensure that their products are protected and reward their customers for loyalty.”

“Distributed Ledger Technology, and in particular blockchain, is already promising to heavily disrupt the way supply chains are controlled and vetted,” continued Ken Foster, Blockpool CTO.  “By partnering with OpSec, we can provide a perfect synergy of online and offline technologies.”