OpSec Eases Application with Repositionable Tamper-Evident Labels

Press Release

LANCASTER, Pa. — June 22, 2017 — OpSec Security, the global leader in securing, enhancing, and protecting brands, services, and revenues, has developed a fully functioning tamper-evident label that may be repositioned after initial application. 

tamper evident label

OpSec’s new repositionable label is an innovative and functional tamper-evident optically variable device (OVD). The unique construction allows the user to reposition the label for up to a full minute, on most materials, without activating the void features. Repositioning becomes necessary during an application when label placement is critical to the aesthetics of the final product.

 “Clients utilizing hand application in their manufacturing facilities were losing product if the tamper-evident label wasn’t precisely placed,” said Ben Stump, Chief Technology Officer. “By adapting our tamper-evident technologies, OpSec is able to provide a product that allows for adjustments, saving our clients thousands of dollars in damaged product.”

The label fully activates within minutes after application in which removal will then trigger the void pattern. The pattern may be customized to the client’s specifications with logos, words or numbers. “Even the adhesive left behind is easily rolled off by hand,” continued Stump. “Solvents or cleaning agents are not required to clean the surface, saving time and money during the reconditioning process.”

Repositionable tamper-evident security labels are currently available as part of OpSec’s vast product portfolio and will be first introduced into the consumer electronics market.

About OpSec Security

OpSec Security is the market leader in fighting counterfeits for brands, transaction cards and government documents and currency. OpSec delivers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end solutions, including advanced physical security technologies, supply chain track and trace services, and online and e-commerce monitoring and analysis for more than 400 companies across industry sectors and 50 governments worldwide. OpSec is a wholly-owned division of OpSec Security Group Limited and operates manufacturing and software development facilities and laboratories in the USA, the UK, and Germany and has sales operations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. For more information, please visit www.opsecsecurity.com. Follow OpSec on Twitter @OpSecSecurityFacebook, and LinkedIn.