Dainese Authenticity and Traceability Program

Case Study

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The Dainese commitment to performance and safety has always been so strong that it couldn’t help reaching beyond motorcycling, steadily growing to embrace cycling, skiing, horse riding, and sailing. Therefore when it discovered counterfeits and unauthorized products in the market compromising their customer’s safety the decided to take action. 

Read below to learn how Dainese put a stop to fakes. 

Company Profile 

Established in 1972 by Lino Dainese, a 24-year old motorcycling enthusiast, Dainese has been at the forefront in advancing and promoting safety in dynamic sports through innovation and ergonomics.  

Having created the very first technical racing suit, ceaseless innovations followed, including the back protector, protective knee slider, composite armour, and more recently D-air® – a protection technology platform that uses an intelligent system to detect danger situations and inflate special airbags developed for motorcyclists.  

The Dainese commitment to performance and safety has always been so strong that it couldn’t help reaching beyond motorcycling, steadily growing to embrace cycling, skiing, horse riding, and sailing. 

Business challenges – Fight against Counterfeiting and more  

An initial online brand protection analysis carried out by OpSec quickly highlighted the counterfeit challenges that Dainese was facing. Having no authentication security built into the product or labeling made verification difficult for many customers. In addition, instances of parallel trading and potential ‘third shift’ and undeclared manufacturing were identified. A comprehensive online brand protection program was only possible through an effective instrument that permitted brand protection teams and customers to easily distinguish an original product from a fake product.  

Dainese required a solution that would enable visibility of its global supply chain while enabling customers to confidently authenticate and register original product. It was vital for the ethos of the brand that customers could have complete confidence in the quality, performance, and safety of official Dainese apparel and equipment.  

At the same time, it was also critical that all components of the solution would not only compliment, but also enhance existing brand designs and messaging, both in the physical and digital space. 

The OpSec Solution 

Dainese Authenticity & Traceability Program  

Dainese’s solution, developed among the Dainese management and OpSec team, combined three key undertakings that would help to secure, enhance and protect their products through the complete supply chain, from the manufacturers to consumers: 

  • Product Authentication – at the heart of the solution would lie OpSec’s Optically Variable Device (OVD) security providing uncompromised optical authentication features. OpSec produced a range of products including Certificates of Authenticity, hangtags, packaging labels, and sewn-in labels. These products make it easy to distinguish an original product from a fake product, protecting and enhancing the Dainese brands   

  • Consumer Engagement & Information – by simply scanning a QR code, consumers can directly check the product authenticity, product information, and register the products’ warranty. This is possible through a real-time dialogue between the OpSec InsSght™ platform and the Dainese online platform, which also collects valuable consumer information both for traceability reasons and direct marketing activity.  

  • Supply Chain Management & Product Traceability – by analyzing UID usage and distribution patterns within the OpSec InSight platform, Dainese would have visibility of its global supply chain, from manufacturers to dealers and consumers, and the ability to target any ‘third shift’ activity. 

Product Authentication  dainese certificate of authenticity

Leveraging nearly 40 years of experience in optical security OpSec created a unique Optically Variable Device (OVD) encompassing multiple security features at overt, covert, and forensic levels.  

The OVD, along with unique IDs and specific product information, is integrated into product authentication and premium trim products including:  

• Certificate of Authenticity  

• Pressure-sensitive labels 

• Swing tickets 

• ‘Tear and Sew’ labels (sewn directly into apparel products and helmets) 

Incorporating the UIDs into the Tear and Sew labels provides the added benefit of being able to identify the product as genuine for warranty claim management – even after the hangtags are removed. 

Consumer Engagement & Information  

One of the key business needs of Dainese was to improve engagement with consumers in order to gain customer insights, increase brand loyalty, and ultimately revenue opportunities. The OpSec Consumer InSight™ module accomplishes this.  

The unique QR code on each hangtag or label encourages consumers to engage with the brand, utilizing any mobile device to:  

  • Authenticate genuine product  

  • Discover product features  

  • Register product warranty and extend warranty where applicable  

This then allows Dainese to:  

  • Acquire consumer information  

  • Conduct specific and direct general marketing activity  

  • Fully trace the product to the end consumer 

Attempts to authenticate non-verified UIDs or multiple attempts to authenticate the same UID will create counterfeit alerts that are investigated by enforcement staff. 

consumer engagement infographic

Supply Chain Management & Product Traceability  

Dainese employed OpSec InSight™, a product lifecycle management platform incorporating Track and Trace technology, to allow full exposure to individual products throughout the supply chain, thereby minimizing and identifying immediate points of diversion.  

Together OpSec and Dainese link critical product, manufacturing, supply chain, and ordering information together, and then assign this data to a unique OpSec InSight ID number.  

This process enables Dainese to have deep control and visibility over its global sourcing and manufacturing supply chain, which in turn facilitates manufacturing efficiency measurement, waste/scrap reduction, and empowerment for standardized metrics and continuous improvement.  

Through the OpSec InSight and Dainese platforms, Dainese’s products are traced from the manufacturers to dealers and consumers, and Dainese is able to target any ‘third shift’ activity. 

supply chain management infographic


The integrated Authenticity and Traceability program developed among the Dainese and OpSec teams offers a turnkey solution to many of the challenges faced by leading sportswear companies.  

It firstly helps in the fight against counterfeit products by providing premium, brand enhancing Certificates of Authenticity and hangtags with optical technology holograms integrated into Dainese products. The solution helps to both enhance and protect the brand in the eye of the dealers and consumer.  

The system enables Dainese management, enforcement teams, customs, dealers and end-customers to authenticate individual products to ensure brand protection and identify counterfeit products.  

Secondly, it encourages consumers to “buy authentic” and directly engage with the brand via their mobile device.  

Finally, it allows for products to be traced from the manufacturers to dealers and consumers to give Dainese control of the entire manufacturing and supply chain process and to identify any illegal products traded anywhere in the world.