COVID-19, Online Piracy & Fraud Industry Report


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COVID-19, Online Piracy and Fraud

Identifying trends and protecting consumers during the pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in the Internet becoming a lifeline for people
across the world – helping them maintain contact with others, work, shop, and stay entertained. However, as Internet use has ramped up to unprecedented levels, so too have the threats posed to individuals online. In this report, OpSec Security seeks to understand how COVID-19 has impacted cybersecurity and sparked a surge in counterfeit items, and the effect this is having on consumers and businesses, to ensure that both entities can better protect themselves from threats.

Topics covered and trends identified in this report:

  • Growing rates of online piracy: 1.5 billion infringements were collected in February and March 2020
  • Increased appetite for pirated streaming of sporting events: 81% of streams observed were detected from social media or platforms supporting user generated content
  • Increased phishing activity during the pandemic: 600% rise in the number of phishing emails

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