OpSec Coronavirus Announcement

Press Release



February 10, 2020

OpSec Security is closely monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus situation and is following the World Health Organisation and regional government advice.

Currently, OpSec is continuing to operate and meet the demands of its clients and customers.  A small number of employees in affected areas have been advised to work from home to avoid areas of contamination including public transportation.  However, we do not anticipate that this will affect our ability to fulfill our obligations.

OpSec will continually review the impact of the Coronavirus on our domestic and international supply chains.  At present, our risk-based business continuity planning provides us with the required preventative actions to protect our staff, customers, and stakeholders.

Our employees’ health, and that of their families, are of our highest priority and we are supporting our staff on the necessary precautions to take.

OpSec will continue to provide updates to our employees, partners, suppliers, and customers as the situation evolves.