Business Partners


Dedicated to Partner Success

OpSec works closely with legal and commercial partners and agents from around the world to bring its range of anti-counterfeiting products and brand protection solutions to clients.  

Channel partners that have chosen to work with OpSec have expanded into new profitable lines of business, have leveraged OpSec’s technologies to build revenue, win more customers and have the ability to innovate solutions to their customers problems.  

All of OpSec’s partners receive full operational and commercial support allowing them to easily integrate OpSec’s products and services into their existing portfolio of services. 

Why work with OpSec

Partnering with OpSec Security provides access to the widest range of anti-counterfeiting products and brand protection solutions available today. 

  • Ongoing channel partner training, support & management 

  • Strategy development based upon synergies & regional opportunities 

  • Unrivalled range of physical & digital technologies 

  • Providing partners & their clients with competitive advantage & business intelligence 

  • Opportunities for business & revenue growth