IP Protection

Safeguard your company's brand, intellectual property and rights in the digital world

More than ever, brands drive business—making them one of the most valuables assets to an organization. With brand assets spread across both the online and offline worlds, protecting them is more challenging than ever.

In the complex and rapidly growing digital world, brand abuse has greater impact—and the tactics employed by infringers change as quickly as the environment itself. The abuses come from organized and sophisticated bad actors with global reach; as a result, brand protection strategies must continually evolve if they are to keep brands safe.

The OpSec Online IP Protection solution provides powerful insights and combats intellectual property abuse effectively.

3X More intellectual property rights cases & trademark applications in China in the last decade

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How IP infringement affects your business

Some threats are common to certain industry categories. Consumer goods manufacturers face counterfeiting challenges, digital goods producers face piracy and all organizations face IP and trademark infringement issues. Rapid-growth, global enterprises tend to have fewer internal resources available to cope with these issues. Despite these similarities, each brand is unique and will require an online brand protection strategy that can adapt to your needs.

Monitor and enforce against intellectual property infringement

Founded by IP lawyers who saw the growing need for protecting intellectual property rights online, OpSec Online was the first global brand protection provider and remains the industry leader. Gained from years of experience, OpSec Online has developed powerful insights into the nature of brand abuse and unrivaled methodologies to combat abuse most effectively. OpSec Online protects the world’s leading brands, including more than half the Fortune 100. Legal and IP teams depend on OpSec Online to help:

A Holistic Approach

  • Protect against IP infringement: Protect against IP infringement across all brand assets
  • Detect infringement: Detect infringement using the industry’s widest monitoring net

Detection and Enforcement Strategies

  • Online brand protection: Develop and evolve online brand protection strategies
  • Thwart scammers: Expose and thwart web traffic interception schemes such as paid search scams and cybersquatting
  • Enforce IP rights: Enforce intellectual property rights using automated enforcement solutions
  • Enforce against pirated content: Pinpoint and enforce against pirated digital content

Analysis Based on Experience and Expertise

  • Additional resources: Augment busy internal staff with day-to-day management services
  • Analyze infringements: Don’t just detect possible infringements; get tools to analyze the data and enable you to have the most effective enforcement strategy
  • Over half of the fortune 100 companies rely on OpSec Online: OpSec's expertise and world-class customer service is relied upon by the world’s largest companies

Leverage Third-Party IP Protection Expertise for Increased Impact

Finding the right balance in enforcement makes IP protection cost-effective by prioritizing intelligently and enforcing selectively. Almost every legal team will benefit from outside expertise from third-party resources. This enables internal legal teams to leverage proven strategies, best practices, and mature tools complete with case management and evidence archival capabilities.