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Unrivaled protection against live streaming piracy

NetResult is a part of the OpSec Online AntiPiracy solution, and is the world’s foremost solution for combating illegal streaming of live content. Founded in 2001, we use our proprietary technology, dedicated cyber enforcement and account management teams to detect and shut down illegal live streams within minutes.

Consumers today increasingly expect to get content on demand, but some sought-after live content such as sports has to be watched in real time. Growing demand for premium live content has resulted in the rise of live streaming piracy, impacting millions of dollars in revenue for rights holders, broadcasters and distributors of live events.

OpSec Online AntiPiracy – NetResult Live Streaming uses automated, proprietary software to detect and shut down streams distributing pirated live streaming content in real time. Designed for broadcasters, distributors and rights holders to combat live streaming piracy, NetResult Live Streaming protection allows companies to recapture views that would otherwise be lost to pirated streams – protecting IP and revenue.

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Live streaming piracy is a costly problem

Today, illegal streaming of live content is one of the fastest-growing forms of digital piracy and brings unique challenges for content owners. A variety of websites, live streaming apps and over-the-top (OTT) devices offer unauthorized streams of live free-to-air and pay-per-view content. The technology required for illegal streaming of major live events is easily available, requires little technical expertise, and looks similar to legal streams. The sheer number of pirated streams online and the speed necessary for detection and enforcement of these pirated streams creates further difficulties for rights holders in tracing and taking down unauthorized content.

4 out of 5 Sports leagues protect their live content using NetResult

OpSec Online AntiPiracy – NetResult Live Streaming

The technology used by leading broadcasters, distributors and rights holders to combat live event-based piracy and is supported by unmatched expertise and experience to provide coverage and protection during hours of live events.

Protect your content and recapture revenues from antipiracy

The distribution of streaming content securely and through proper channels is critical to the entertainment and broadcasting industry. Nowhere is this more important than in the transmission of major sporting events which see high viewership and are crucial sources of revenue for broadcasters. Pirated streaming services of such content need to be quickly found and taken down.

NetResult Live Streaming tackles illegal streaming of live events, where speed and efficiency is most critical – recapturing views that otherwise would be lost to piracy.

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Experienced antipiracy experts and live event support

Our team of experts offers a fully managed antipiracy program designed specifically for your business needs and objectives. We offer support during live events to ensure your content is protected. We have years of expertise in fighting piracy and have developed rigorous standards in verifying pirated content, working with major live streaming hosts to prevent infringements in real time.