OpSec Fuse Polycarbonate Security Foil

OpSec Fuse™

Security Foil for Polycarbonate ID Cards & Passports

OpSec Fuse - Technologically Sophisticated Security Foil for Durable Polycarbonate Cards and Passport Data Pages

Increasingly governments are turning to polycarbonate as their material of choice to deliver the most secure, durable, and climate-resistant Identity documents. However, the typical security foil is unable to withstand the high-heat process of fusing multiple layers of polycarbonate sheets to create an unalterable ID card. Additionally, they require extended set-up times and more often than not transfer poorly onto the cards and passport data pages. 

OpSec Fuse exceeds these challenging performance demands and delivers a bright, impactful, premium hologram that integrates easily within a durable polycarbonate card structure. Our high-performance DOVID (Diffractive Optically Variable Image Device) provides secure authentication to protect personal data, guard against criminal activity, and maintain trust. 

OpSec Fuse is available in roll format where customers have the equipment to apply the feature to polycarbonate sheets and is obtainable pre-applied onto polycarbonate sheets for direct inclusion into the card lamination process.

Key Attributes:

  • Exceeds all application and performance requirements
  • Resistant to harsh process conditions
  • Maintains image quality and brightness after lamination
  • Delivers bright, impactful designs that are simple and intuitive to authenticate
  • Technologically sophisticated and difficult to counterfeit
  • Manufactured in our ISO 14298 Government class approved facility
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