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Enhanced Brand Identity Solutions for Apparel, Footwear and Accessories

Innovative Apparel & Footwear Branding and Packaging

Brands are facing growing sophisticated challenges to prevent counterfeiting of their products and to build trusted connections with their customers. Brand owners and licensors need on-trend, creative designs that incorporate unique digital identities that can be tied to security elements which enable consumer confidence in product authenticity. 

The OpSec Dynamic™ Advantage:

  • Product Authentication & Traceability

  • Consumer Experience & Engagement

  • Intelligent Supply Chain Management 

As a global leader in apparel and brand identity authentication, our expert designers will work with you to customize products to your exact requirements.

On-Product Protection & Digital Enablement

Each of your products will be protected with world-class, on-product, anti-counterfeit technology incorporating overt, covert, and forensic features.  This technology, together with a unique digital identity, will serve as a visual indication of a product’s authenticity. For an even greater level of security, NFC technology can be encapsulated in our products and combined with visually striking Optically Variable Devices (OVDs).  The secure NFC chip provides the key to a digital gateway offering a rich consumer authentication experience.

Circularity and Sustainability 

OpSec Dynamic products can incorporate sustainable, eco-friendly woven and printed products made using certified 100% recycled polyester textile yarns to help meet your brand's sustainability goals and enhance brand value to your customers.

As your product moves along its ultimate journey to the consumer, OpSec Insight tracks key movements with ease. This product journey is stored into each product’s unique digital profile and can include details such as:

  • Materials used and provenance
  • Manufacturing (where and when)
  • Distribution and logistics information
  • In-store and post-purchase interactions (product returns)

Details captured about a product’s journey are also useful in personalizing and contextualizing consumer experiences and even personalizing marketing messages and incentives.

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