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OpSec Introduces Greg Sim

January 12, 2022|

OpSec announces the appointment of Greg Sim as Vice President, Strategic Accounts and Partnerships in the North American Sports Licensing, Apparel, and Footwear markets.

Red Sift and OpSec Security Partner for Innovative Solutions

November 24, 2021|

Red Sift, a leading provider of vital cybersecurity products, and OpSec Security, the leading provider of integrated online protection and on-product authentication solutions for brands and governments, have formed a new partnership to deliver integrated domain and email security protections.

OpSec Security launches OpSec SuRe

November 4, 2021|

OpSec Security, has today launched OpSec SuRe, a family of surface relief effects for security and brand protection applications that provide visually stunning overt Level 1 security features for ease of public recognition with the naked eye.

OpSec Security launches OpSec Inspire

October 7, 2021|

OpSec Security, the leading global provider of anti-counterfeiting and brand protection solutions, is pleased to announce OpSec Inspire, the future of fully integrated brand protection and multi-layered security.

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