Vehicle Protection & SecureETags

Being able to quickly identify a vehicle’s identity does more than protect revenue, it enhances safety, too. OpSec has years of vehicle protection and SecureETag™ experience which means that we’re in a prime position to help make vehicle identification successful for all involved. Our solutions can help governments better collect taxes, enforce laws, and enhance their revenue all at once.


Access data seamlessly through sophisticated windshield decals

Embedded authentication and security solutions for any license plate

Real-time information on temporary tags for Law Enforcement and Revenue Authorities

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Vehicle Identification

OpSec is uniquely positioned to serve as a trusted partner in meeting government vehicle identification demands. OpSec's global vehicle protection solutions combine unbeatable technology and ease of introduction with rugged durability and dependability. Similarly, our SecureETag™ option in the United States delivers on those same expectations to the unpredictable temporary tag market.

No matter the territory, OpSec gives governments the best tools available in vehicle identification.



Vehicle Protection Clients

These are just a few of the governments that rely on OpSec every day.



We are proud members of the following industry associations among several others

AAMVA – American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators

IHMA – International Hologram Manufacturers Association


Strong Solutions to a Temporary Problem

In the United States, temporary tags are a serious headache for the state. With SecureETag, OpSec worked with state motor vehicle administrators to perfect a system that puts more control and insight at your disposal to combat counterfeit temporary tags and revenue loss, while giving law enforcement the tools they need to make the roads safer at the same time.

  1. Print on demand: SecureETag provides authorized dealers with the ability to create secure temporary tags.
  2. Fully Authorized: We give the state more tools in their fight against counterfeit temporary tags, making the roads safer while enhancing revenue at the same time.
  3. Instant Information: SecureETag places the power of real-time information in the hands of law enforcement, revenue collection, and toll operators.

OpSec Security's SecureETag system is one of the best anti-fraud, highway safety and revenue evasion fighting solutions deployed by the Nevada DMV. The high-security seal, coupled with the real-time database that allows law enforcement to query registration status of ownership, has been a resounding success.

Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles