Counterfeit COVID-19 Tests


COVID-19 Authentication & Traceability Solution

Counterfeit COVID-19 Tests Threaten Consumers Lives

As the global demand for COVID-19 testing kits explodes, criminals have infiltrated the supply chain with mass volumes of potentially life-threatening counterfeit, low quality, and unapproved kits. This challenge will grow as testing becomes much more widely used possibly even extending to home testing kits.

For testing to be trusted it is imperative that governments and their suppliers are able to secure the supply chain for these vital products, and that consumers have the confidence that testing kits are genuine, safe to use with dependable results. 

OpSec CATS  Ensures Uncompromised Authentication & Traceability

OpSec's COVID Authentication & Traceability Solution (CATS) encompasses a range of proven products and services perfectly suited to the needs of governments, laboratory and healthcare professionals, customs, law enforcement, and consumers to deliver the necessary confidence and dependability that will be demanded.

Utilizing the SecureITT™ security label ensures trust in the authenticity of approved testing kits and creates a simple path for the capture of the necessary information. This includes quantities of testing, positivity and failure rates, and much more, all potentially reported by detailed location.

Authorities get full 360° control and visibility throughout the life-span of the kit, from registering and approving kits to mobile authentication in the field, tracking results, and delivering focused messaging to citizens.

E-commerce Protection

OpSec Online uses a combination of advanced technology, deep industry expertise, and expansive relationships with marketplaces, payment processors, investigators and industry partners to identify the full scope of the counterfeiting problem and facilitate quick enforcement.

No one has more experience, more technology, or more talent to deliver this mission-critical program. All stakeholders in society will benefit from OpSec’s on-product and digital solutions that enhance trust and deliver reliable information.

Fake COVID Tests
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