Detecting & Deterring Diversion

OpSec’s Supply Chain Management solutions deter the counterfeiting, diversion, and fraud introduced by the modern supply chain. Globalization and growth in emerging markets present our clients with opportunities for new revenue. However, a lack of transparency in the supply chain creates risk to those who rely on contracted manufacturing and distribution networks to reach these new opportunities.

Our OpSec InSight™ platform provides you with the tools to authenticate your legitimate goods, identify diversion, and prevent fraud. Using InSight, you have the power to mark your products and trace them from vendors through the distribution supply chain and into the hands of your consumers.

  • Track InSight™ enables client vendors to mark products with or apply product packaging labels bearing Unique Identifiers (UIDs) to separate legitimate product from counterfeit goods.
  • Trace InSight™ allows clients to solicit and report on product and distribution information throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Today’s consumers demand accountability. Warranty and fair-trade/sustainable sourcing programs are ethical and in-demand but open the door to fraud. OpSec’s supply chain management solutions can double as a differentiation and marketing tool while protecting you from warranty and returns fraud. Track InSight and Trace InSight give you the ability to verify that a warranty is good and that returned product is authentic.

The InSight API provides real-time access to the breadth and power of OpSec’s Supply Chain Management data and services. Using the API, you can integrate Insight services and data into your website, mobile app, or third-party tool to create a custom user experience backed by the protection of OpSec’s solutions.


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